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I keep hearing an owl in the day

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JaneJudge Thu 26-Aug-21 12:04:48

I'm sure it must be sitting on my chimney but every time I go out the chimney pots are clear. Is it normal for them to be out this time of day?

Grandmabatty Thu 26-Aug-21 12:11:26

It might be a wood pigeon? It would be unusual for an owl to be out and hooting in day time, I think. Could it be stuck in your chimney?

Namsnanny Thu 26-Aug-21 12:18:04

I take it you would recognise the call of an Owl?
If your sure, I think it would be a distress call.

Nannan2 Thu 26-Aug-21 12:19:35

Yes maybe a wood pigeon? We have them around us and i hear them often in the day, they do sound a bit 'hooty' more so than usual pigeons which sounds like 'coo, coo'.?

Nannan2 Thu 26-Aug-21 12:20:27

Gawd I'm doing bird impressions now!??

JaneJudge Thu 26-Aug-21 12:21:39

Wood pigeons sing song though don't they? I always think they say 'how dare you boogaloo'

It sounds like a tawny owl

Nannan2 Thu 26-Aug-21 12:21:49

If you're still not sure, best to get the chimney checked, to be on safe side.?

JaneJudge Thu 26-Aug-21 12:23:24

Unless it is in a tree and the projection is just coming down the chimney. I am hoping the pots have guards on. Nothing has fell down the chimney before.

JaneJudge Thu 26-Aug-21 12:23:50

Actually Nannan I have my annual sweep on Tuesday!

Nannan2 Thu 26-Aug-21 12:25:45

Never heard 'em sing song.Not a whole 'sentence'anyway? No its more of a hoot.I know they're wood pigeons 'hooting' as can see them in tall trees around us and see them fly to and fro.(we are semi-rural)

Nannan2 Thu 26-Aug-21 12:27:19

JaneJudge- ??

Septimia Thu 26-Aug-21 12:28:44

I've occasionally heard owls here during the day. Definitely not wood pigeons. Maybe the owl has been disturbed by tree pruning or other work.

JaneJudge Thu 26-Aug-21 12:31:10

My husband has confirmed he keeps hearing it too. They have been harvesting the fields and cutting all the hedges and footpaths back (it was like a jungle everywhere this year!)

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 26-Aug-21 12:34:07

They do hunt in daylight if they have to. Occasionally see a barn owl round here during the day.

JaneJudge Thu 26-Aug-21 12:35:19

hmm I wonder if it is perching to watch the rodents flee the fields then? that seems quite likely?

FannyCornforth Thu 26-Aug-21 13:39:02

Hello Jane smile
Is it saying ‘twit’ or ‘woo’?
I must have told you about my parents tawny owls?
(Please say I haven’t! wink)

JaneJudge Thu 26-Aug-21 13:43:18

You haven't told me about your parents owls smile
it's a woo

FannyCornforth Thu 26-Aug-21 13:49:26

It’s female then! ?
Ah, this has given me the perfect opportunity to drone on about them! Thank you!
I will be back later to do so.
I used to post long monologues about them on the Night Owls thread, but no one was interested sad
Probably too tired

nanna8 Thu 26-Aug-21 14:58:46

I’d love to see an owl again, haven’t seen one for about 5 years. We used to get tawny frogmouths in the garden and the odd powerful owl at night. I have several pics of owls on the walls, lovely lovely creatures.

Juliet27 Thu 26-Aug-21 15:02:47

Ah yes nanna8 I’ve seen tawny frogmouths when I’ve stayed with my daughter. She tells me she’s often seen and heard powerful owls. They sound huge.

nexus63 Thu 26-Aug-21 15:03:22

go onto youtube and type in what does an owl sound like, then you will know that it is an owl.

ExDancer Thu 26-Aug-21 15:12:48

Male and female owls have different calls. I think its the females that kind of shriek just a single tweeit, and the males go woo-hoo in reply (or it may be the other way round.)
The introduction to the old Midsomer Murders programmes have a lovely examples of these noises. They also have an example of a vixen calling, a single sharp high pitched bark which they use a lot in eerie atmospheric scenes. They use these noises quote a lot throughout the programmes and you find yourself listening for them ...... grin

dustyangel Thu 26-Aug-21 15:32:02

We hear tawny owls here in the daytime but I’ve never seen one. What I have seen and somewhere have photos of are Little owls, if I’ve got the name right. They are the small, almost square ones, seen mostly at twilight but sometimes in the day sitting on top of the nearest electricity pole.

FannyCornforth Thu 26-Aug-21 16:20:49

Chapter 1.

When my mom was pregnant with me, she and my dad were on holiday in Wales.
They were driving on the motorway in the dark, and my mom spotted a cardboard box on the side of the road. She saw two pairs of eyes glowing in the darkness. She presumed that the box contained abandoned kittens; and ordered my dad to do a u turn and go back. They drove several miles, turned around and my dad retrieved the box.
Inside the box were two owlets… ? ?

25Avalon Thu 26-Aug-21 16:30:49

Yes I often hear them in the daytime.