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Namsnanny Wed 20-Apr-22 16:20:42

Snoozing under the trees.
I had to be quick so the photo isnt all that great.
He sits on the lawn at sun set too.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 20-Apr-22 16:24:01

Love them!

I feed ours although I have never seen him/her/ them.

bridie54 Wed 20-Apr-22 16:28:27

Lovely pictures. I know they’re not always a welcome sight but they’re beautiful. Nature is beautiful. I was thinking that the other day watching a sparrowhawk sitting in my garden. I know it was looking for food ie the lovely wee garden birds I feed but as Chris Packham says ‘they all have to live’.

BlueBelle Wed 20-Apr-22 16:32:04

Beautiful you lucky person
I was tidying my daughters garden last week when there was the biggest hog you ve ever seen all balled up and softly snoring he was gone within a week but I was so surprised I forgot to take a photo

Chestnut Wed 20-Apr-22 16:32:07

My father used to love foxes because as a young child he would see the cubs playing in the woods and the memory stayed with him. They have such iconic expressions, sly but beautiful. Your fox really does have a cunning face. He should get a part in a Peter Rabbit movie!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 20-Apr-22 16:35:22

We have a family of foxes leaving under one of our decking areas, they are stunningly beautiful but oh so noisy at night.

Namsnanny Wed 20-Apr-22 16:38:00

Yes me too Wwmark2 smile

bridie54 I agree, it is heart breaking when a Sparrowhawk catches a little garden bird, but wow! they are so fast. It's only clear they have caught one if a few feathers float to the ground.

I do love to see the wildlife in the garden.

Chestnut Wed 20-Apr-22 16:40:16


Lovely pictures. I know they’re not always a welcome sight but they’re beautiful. Nature is beautiful. I was thinking that the other day watching a sparrowhawk sitting in my garden. I know it was looking for food ie the lovely wee garden birds I feed but as Chris Packham says ‘they all have to live’.

Sorry bridie, sparrowhawks are not my favourite. We had them nesting nearby and they taught their young how to catch our blackbird family who were nesting in the bushes. They didn't play fair. The small birds go into the bushes for protection but the sparrowhawks went in after them and we lost all our garden birds. I love the little birds so this really upset me. I stopped putting out food to discourage them because our garden had become a war zone for them.

Namsnanny Wed 20-Apr-22 16:52:01

Hedgehogs are a mystery to me Bluebelle. We had one many moons ago, when the children were very young. I would have thought the noise and continuous disruption would have deterred them from coming night after night.
Now its quiet, and I can assure you there are plenty of snails and slugs for them to eat, but no, they dont visit us anymore.

I agree he does look a sly Mr Fox in those photos Chestnut. I dont think he is a young one. His fur looks a bit dull, compared to that flaming red colour they generally have at the beginning of the year.
I understand foxes only live for about 3 years. They can survive for longer, but diseases and road accidents do for them.

No noise here - yet GrannyGravy13 Do you get woken up all the time by them, or have you got used to it?

Namsnanny Wed 20-Apr-22 17:00:39

I felt the same about the Magpies Chestnut We changed our feeders to just allow small birds to peck at the seed, and the Magpies stopped nesting in the nearby trees. I think they come and try to raid the nests from time to time, but at least it's not every day now.
As for the Blackbirds, being ground feeders we only put out food for them part of the day, and make sure none is there over night. I've have a colony of neighbours cats to contend with (one is so beautiful, but deadly). So I dont encourage the ground feeders to take their time.

SachaMac Wed 20-Apr-22 17:09:27

What a lovely Fox smile I love to see them, it’s sad that so many are killed on the roads.

Chestnut Wed 20-Apr-22 17:22:28

It's strange how some foxes seem to be very noisy and smelly, bold as brass and unafraid of humans. Our foxes were no trouble at all and were very timid. They only came out at night when it was quiet and if they saw movement they would disappear. No noise, no smell and you considered yourself lucky to see them.

Smileless2012 Wed 20-Apr-22 17:25:09

Oooh I'm envy Namsnanny they're so beautiful aren't they.

Callistemon21 Wed 20-Apr-22 17:28:31

Lovely Namsnanny

I just had a visitor too but no photo, I'm sorry, because he didn't stay long.

A robin just popped into the conservatory, sat on a little table, stared at me then turned and flew out, presumably looking for a courting nesting spot because another robin was waiting outside and they flew off together.

AreWeThereYet Wed 20-Apr-22 18:00:25

Lovely pics Namsnanny We have foxes through the garden regularly too. One sometimes sits on the other side of the drive in the afternoon sunshine, watching the world go by and having a snooze. He's a bit shy and his head ducks down at the sight of anyone nearby, so we put a thick hedge behind the drive where he can hide away.

Had two hedgehogs visit this week, the first in many years ??? they share their hedgehog food with passing cats and foxes.

kjmpde Wed 20-Apr-22 18:03:24

we occasionally see a fox but i try not to share that joy as there are some horrible people that would poison or hunt him.

HowVeryDareYou Wed 20-Apr-22 20:39:13

What a very handsome fox. I love them and would be thrilled to see one in my garden (again). One used to visit, years ago. She used to come into the kitchen and I'd hand-feed her with ham. (I say SHE because after a brief absence, she turned up one evening with 2 cubs. We didn't ever see her again)

Caleo Wed 20-Apr-22 20:46:19

I once fed a custard cream to a wild fox who took it from my fingers. One of the neighbours had made friends with it. It lived in a wood in the middle of the housing estate.

Redhead56 Wed 20-Apr-22 20:47:57

I love foxes we have them around here because we are right on the entrance to woods. I would be delighted to have a visit from one.

tickingbird Wed 20-Apr-22 20:55:13

Great pictures. I love wildlife.

CanadianGran Wed 20-Apr-22 21:05:57

Nice photo! We don't have foxes in my area, but I have seen them farther away from the coast. Beautiful!

biglouis Wed 27-Apr-22 23:38:42

I live in a "leaft suburb" but there is a business park behind with thick vegetation and large trees at the back. Its home to quite a few creatures including urban foxes (a whole family) which come into my garden. I throw the plate scrapings onto the lawn at night and voila, its gone next day. Foxes will eat most anything. Ive also seen hedgehogs and of course lots of squirrels. The foxes like cat food. My nephew has a very fussy can who doesnt like the beef flavour pouches in a variety box so now and then the foxes get a treat.