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Found this insect on my stairs….

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MayBee70 Thu 12-May-22 02:18:22

Does anyone know what it is? I thought it might be a bee of some kind but it didn’t fly. Seemed to be trying to bury itself in the carpet….

Juliet27 Thu 12-May-22 05:15:49

Looks like a larder beetle

Juliet27 Thu 12-May-22 05:17:41

MayBee70 Thu 12-May-22 05:51:21

Oh heck. I’ve got my dogs kibble in a bin and I haven’t kept the top on it. I need to check it isn’t contaminated.

Juliet27 Thu 12-May-22 05:56:31

Same here with dog’s kibble…I’d better check too!!

MayBee70 Thu 12-May-22 06:26:14

I can’t see anything in the kibble. Most of it is in a sealed container but there was some left in the bottom of the bag that I might throw out. I usually buy the large bags as it’s more economical but I think, in future I’ll buy smaller ones. She only has a small amount as she’s fed mainly on tinned food. But, as she’s a grazer I do leave some on a kibble mat on the kitchen floor. That’ll have to stop. I’m quite fanatical, thankfully, about keeping food in containers. But what was it doing halfway up the stairs?

Redhead56 Thu 12-May-22 07:37:21

Beetle family