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The most important boring idea in the universe.

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Elegran Mon 06-Jun-22 12:49:58

"We live in a world dominated by science, but most people don't understand its most essential characteristic: establishing standards of evidence to keep us from getting fooled by our own biases and opinions."
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volver Mon 06-Jun-22 13:26:57

Oh, don't get me started Elegran ?

Baggs Mon 06-Jun-22 14:56:31

Why is this described as boring?

Elegran Mon 06-Jun-22 15:26:18

Not by me, that is the headline of the article.

It is probably because to a lot of people, the astounding fact that has been put before them is more interesting than the careful checking and analysis that should have preceded its announcement to the world.

M0nica Mon 06-Jun-22 16:44:36

I think the article is rather patronising and I might say, ignoring the evidence.

Surely the whole vax/anti-vaxx argument and others throughout the pandemic was over standards of evidence and how to judge them.

Baggs Mon 06-Jun-22 16:49:02

I knew it wasn’t your choice of words, elegran.

It strikes me as stupid to tell people that an idea you want them to accept is boring.