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Just seen this somewhere else on here

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wotsamashedupjingl Fri 24-Feb-12 19:25:40


It has reminded me that the free sample of a similar product that I sent for, arrived during half term week when DD and the grandkids were around. I quickly slipped it in between the pages of a book that was knocking about at the time.

I haven't a clue which book that was. Or who is likely to pick it up and read it.


Jacey Fri 24-Feb-12 20:50:27

OK ... free sample of what?? Am curious as you felt you had to hide it? shock

I wonder how many different ideas we could all come up with? grin

wotsamashedupjingl Fri 24-Feb-12 22:09:24

Have you clicked on the link jacey? hmm

Can't believe Geraldine seems to have a special arrangement going for Gransnetters! grin

glammanana Sat 25-Feb-12 00:13:31

Are you sure DH has not used it to oil his bike ?

glammanana Sat 25-Feb-12 00:41:25

I am only on here so late to-night because my TV in my bedroom has diedsad