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Anya Sat 14-Mar-15 13:54:08

Emmm......don't know what I've done to the iPad but the bar at the top is now black with white icons - like a negative. Perhaps it was when impressed the 'private' option?

Anya Sat 14-Mar-15 13:50:26

Duh also! Just thoight 'what little square box icon?' and I've had this iPad for years and years and years....blush

loopylou Sat 14-Mar-15 13:39:03

Becoming a slower learner the older I get!

tanith Sat 14-Mar-15 12:44:14

Haha well done , the 'light dawns' on me regularly where technology is concerned.. enjoy your many tabs...grin

loopylou Sat 14-Mar-15 12:36:11

Thanks tanith
Not much hope for me......

loopylou Sat 14-Mar-15 12:35:36

It's just dawned on me what the little square box icon's for........only had mini iPad for over a year sad!

tanith Sat 14-Mar-15 12:31:17

I have the Ipad mini and often have half a dozen tabs open at different pages loopylou, you just open a new tab and then load the page you want to look at .

hildajenniJ Thu 12-Mar-15 18:35:30

I have a hudl2. I can have four or five tabs open at the same time, and often do. It is only a seven inch tablet. How come a mini iPad can't? That being said I haven't encountered the problem you seem to be having.

loopylou Thu 12-Mar-15 18:18:46

I don't seem to be able to do that on my mini iPad.....

tanith Thu 12-Mar-15 18:17:29

Ariadne why don't you have several pages open at the same time then you just switch between them, I have at least six different pages open at any one time..

annsixty Thu 12-Mar-15 18:04:38

Yes that has happened to me several times recently the message is "you need to log in to see this page" so frustrating.

Ariadne Thu 12-Mar-15 17:52:49

After three years of logging in once a day (having ticked the "keep me logged in" box, do I suddenly have to log in all the time, even if I've only, say, nipped over to FB for a minute?

Yes, it's the same iPad. Yes, I tick the box.

Really, really annoying!