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Auntieflo Sun 28-Aug-16 13:58:08

Am I missing it, or perhaps there isn't one? A button to 'Save' a post when you are half way through, and have to go and look something up. Any help gratefully received

Charleygirl Sun 28-Aug-16 14:01:38

I do not think so, none that I have found. If you do not finish and post you will lose it as you have discovered.

tanith Sun 28-Aug-16 14:07:02

There isn't one. I usually just open up another tab to go looking for other stuff then come back to the original to finish it.

Wobblybits Sun 28-Aug-16 14:45:33

If I am writing a long post, email etc. having lost them halfway through so often, I usually write them in a word processor then cut/paste when done.

Ana Sun 28-Aug-16 17:00:28

You'd have to copy and paste it into a Word document (or similar). There is no facility for saving posts on the site itself.

Auntieflo Sun 28-Aug-16 17:26:21

Thanks all. Just a thought that there might be a 'secret' that I was missing. As I am usually on my Ipad, I don't have a Word document facility to paste into. Will try to be more organised in future.