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Auntieflo Thu 17-Aug-17 17:14:25

I'm not sure if this is the correct heading for this, but here goes. Since the site has changed recently, I have just noticed that when I clear all my browsing history, I can still access and read all the GN posts; but I do have to Sign In, to post an answer or comment on a thread. Before, I had to Sign In to access or read anything. Is it just me please?

Ana Thu 17-Aug-17 17:23:22

It's always been like that. That's why anyone in the world can view GN and threads, but can't post unless they join.

I've always been able to see the threads when not logged in.

Ana Thu 17-Aug-17 17:25:30

(sorry, not saying you're wrong - just my experience)

Auntieflo Thu 17-Aug-17 17:34:34

Thanks Ana, but before I noticed it today, if I went to Gransnet, and I had cleared all my history, I had to Log In before I could see anything. Perhaps it's an Ipad thing?. Not important, but just curious.

hummingbird Mon 21-Aug-17 12:24:50

Has anyone else noticed that even if you check the 'keep me logged in' box, you still have to enter email and password every time? Gets on my nerves!

illtellhim Mon 21-Aug-17 12:33:45

I've got a pc, laptop and 10 inch and I never log out, always their when I need to see what's been happening regardless of were I am.