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GNHQ reporting design fault.

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Gonegirl Tue 21-May-19 10:03:46

When you do crossing outs, it doesn't work, just because you put a " straight after it! And this bolding probably won't work because I have put an exclamation mark right in front of the *!

Rufus2 Tue 28-May-19 12:14:32

Not so Rufus it is intended to convey a subtle meaning
Anja; By 'eck! He's got it , I think he's got it! shock
What's the problem? It's dead easy! Just follow the thread instructions; 2 dashes at the front, 2 at the end and bingo, or am I making it too simple, missing something?
Quote; " I think you're a stupid old git very talented 'Netter, Rufus, to get it first time." Is that what you mean?
I still don't see what use it is; Aussies don't do "suttle". grin

Bathsheba Mon 27-May-19 20:31:32

Haha, only just returned to this thread and have been giggling at all the posts with people trying to work out what I meant.

Glad you got there in the end BlueBelle wink

Yep, Gonegirl I could make a killing couldn't I? gringringrin

Anja Sun 26-May-19 18:37:37

Not so Rufus it is intended to convey a subtle meaning to those who are too stupid just don’t get.

Rufus2 Sat 25-May-19 12:41:21

But none of them work
BlueBelle: I can't work out what this thread is all about! As far as I can see, "strikethrough" must have some weird purpose; surely "deletion" does the job with far less angst! shock

Gonegirl Sat 25-May-19 09:52:19

'ooray! hmm


Bathsheba send 'em your bill.

BlueBelle Sat 25-May-19 07:30:08

Whoop whoop whoop

BlueBelle Sat 25-May-19 07:28:24

try again
I was adding the second - at the very end of the word instead of creeping in and putting it before the end dash
Thanks so much Bathsheba it’s looking promising now

Mamissimo Sat 25-May-19 07:06:25

I can do it 😊😊😊😊😊

Anja Sat 25-May-19 06:43:52


Anja Sat 25-May-19 06:42:51

try again

Bluebell try this

Put dash then word the dash

Now go back and put a new dash in front of firsr dash then second dash IN FRONT of last dash not after it

Anja Sat 25-May-19 06:39:40

--does that work—


BlueBelle Thu 23-May-19 20:54:23

So what can I do to get that elusive space in the end dashes
--bah humbug—
I do a dash
write word
do the end dash
Then go back and do a first dash
Then go back and do the end dash (which immediately joins up)
I m going to cry

GranEd Thu 23-May-19 20:23:38

Thanks Bathsheba. I’m very impressed. Been trying to do this for ever ages!!

BlueBelle Thu 23-May-19 20:20:07

I did exactly that bathsheba but when you go back to do the first that’s fine when you go back to do the end 2nd one it joins up
--like this—
If you leave a space then that doesn’t work either
--like this- -
So I tried with just one at the end
--like this-
But none of them work

Bathsheba Thu 23-May-19 19:40:27

BlueBelle you need to do 2 at each end of the word, i.e. do one before the word and one after, then go back and add another dash before the first one and before the one at the end.

BlueBelle Thu 23-May-19 18:08:51

--try again-
So frustrating

Gonegirl Thu 23-May-19 18:08:29

I am going to let Cari go cross-eyed on her own. smile

Gonegirl Thu 23-May-19 18:06:55

"Oh, this way madness lies". Or at least, total brain numbing confusion. grin

BlueBelle Thu 23-May-19 18:03:25

Let’s see bathsheba

Bathsheba Thu 23-May-19 17:25:03

I remembered from a while back when I mistakenly did only one dash at the beginning, then went back and added another - just by chance before and not after. Then when I previewed, I noticed it looked --like this— and it got me thinking!

Mamissimo Thu 23-May-19 11:09:55

--crossed out- oh no it doesn’t 🥴

Maggiemaybe Thu 23-May-19 09:12:11

Now I just have to remember to do it.

Maggiemaybe Thu 23-May-19 09:10:24

Clever, Bathsheba! Thanks for the tip.

Auntieflo Thu 23-May-19 09:02:49

So like this. Oh wow, it worked. You are a clever one Bathsheba. How did you work that one out?

Bathsheba Thu 23-May-19 08:27:41

And I should have crossed out the second ‘reason’ 🙄😂