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50ShadesofGreyMatter Fri 24-Jan-20 07:00:08

Just recently I've not been receiving the newsletter, could someone check this please and resubscribe me, thank you

LullyDully Fri 24-Jan-20 07:57:16

I have tried to register for the newsletter many times with no luck.

NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 24-Jan-20 11:05:56

Hi both - if you have any problems with the newsletter, please let us know at [email protected] smile

We're looking into this for both of you.

JackyB Fri 24-Jan-20 11:14:52

Why do we still get that annoying picture at the top of every thread, taking up screen space?

Surely once we have subscribed we don't need to be reminded every five minutes?

And on some devices I don't even have the "X" in the corner to close it, although I don't bother with that any more even when I can see it as it is very tedious.

JackyB Fri 24-Jan-20 11:17:56

I have just discovered that clicking on the "X" doesn't work anyway.

I still get the newsletter every day, by the way, thank you. Although I usually delete it immediately. It just lists the most active conversations - the rest usually doesn't apply to me as I don't live in the UK.