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Riverwalk Mon 06-Jul-20 19:24:07

Isn't it about time that GNHQ addressed the issue of poor unsuspecting new members who don't really know how the site works and start threads asking about meeting in certain areas, then someone from a totally different area, and often years later(!) joins in.

So many times kind members advise them to start another thread with the area/town in the title.

GNHQ could design the Subject box with a mandatory town/county that had to be filled in.

There must be so many disappointed people who have tried to make contacts/friends and receive no response. There is a thread today that someone started in 2013.

Smiley4 Wed 08-Jul-20 19:10:40

Good point. Riverwalk.

Elegran Wed 08-Jul-20 20:00:41

It does say at the top of that topic - "1) Please include the location (city/town/county) in your subject heading. " If people ignore that, there isn't a lot of hope of them paying attention to anything else. The text box would need to be designed so as prevent the post being sent until the place was filled in.

Elegran Wed 08-Jul-20 20:02:04

It should automatically self-destruct after the arranged meeting has taken place, too, perhaps leaving a few days for people to report on how it went.