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Aveline Thu 15-Apr-21 18:52:27

Is it possible on this site to block posts by people whose posts one just doesn't want to read? I know it can be done on Facebook and Twitter.

EllanVannin Thu 15-Apr-21 18:56:47

If you don't want to read a post here, then don't grin Simples.

BlueBelle Thu 15-Apr-21 19:10:58

No you can’t you just have to ‘walk on by’ I m singing 🎼

grannylyn65 Thu 15-Apr-21 19:18:02


Poppyred Thu 15-Apr-21 19:39:17

No unfortunately! I’ve asked before

Aveline Thu 15-Apr-21 19:46:17

I could be 'walking on by' a lot but it would mean missing what others posters write.

Aldom Thu 15-Apr-21 20:20:36

If you look at the top of the screen showing the thread you do not wish to read, on the right hand side there is a red button with a white tick in the centre. Click on this and select Hide this discussion.

Aldom Thu 15-Apr-21 20:23:26

I Hide lots of threads as it tidies up, making selection clearer and quicker.

NotSpaghetti Thu 15-Apr-21 21:12:12

Please could you post a screenshot of this amazing thread-hiding button?
I can't seem to find it on my mobile - even in "desktop" mode.
Thanks for telling us about it!

BlueBelle Thu 15-Apr-21 21:39:02

It’s the little red arrow thingy under the orange inbox notspagheti

Aldom Thu 15-Apr-21 22:04:15

Thanks for doing that Bluebelle I've only just seen Not Spaghetti's request.

Aldom Thu 15-Apr-21 22:54:52

Red circle, white tick or arrow.

suziewoozie Thu 15-Apr-21 23:04:35

As ever BB on the money - just scroll by my posts.oh sorry, you have so you didn’t see what I posted, I posted - just scroll by my posts , oh sorry, you have so you didn’t see what I wrote 😂😂😂😂😀

NotSpaghetti Thu 22-Apr-21 18:48:19

Thank you!
I'll look for that.