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Why am I having to Log In?

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Auntieflo Mon 31-May-21 11:54:38

This morning, I have had ti Log In to read my emails. Why?.

I am always Logged In, so what has changed please?

Auntieflo Mon 31-May-21 11:55:23

' to Log In'

Kamiso Mon 31-May-21 11:57:34

Same here! Not just on GN but other sites too. No doubt more “improvements” to irritate and annoy!

B9exchange Mon 31-May-21 12:08:27

If it is other sites as well, it is nothing to do with Gransnet, did your tablet/laptop/phone update overnight?

Auntieflo Mon 31-May-21 12:12:55

It may have done!
Thank you for replying, and that it's not me being stoopid again.

BlueBelle Mon 31-May-21 12:22:40

Alright here, no problem for my iPhone or iPad I bet you’ve done an update overnight