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Tizliz Sat 19-Feb-22 16:09:48

I reported a user - they sent me a strange PM and commented on an old post. - but I couldn’t put my reason as it doesn’t seem to be working properly. So I have reported a user with no reason. How do I contact admin to tell them the reason - perhaps they will read this and then delete it

grannyactivist Sat 19-Feb-22 16:17:47

If you report the post above then GNHQ will definitely see it.

Judy54 Sat 19-Feb-22 16:50:06

Tizliz the best way is to opt out of PM's. Go into Inbox, click on settings and then click on block all messages. I have done this after receiving unwanted and odd PM's.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 19-Feb-22 17:03:23

Or you can just block pms from that poster, as I’ve done a couple of times after receiving something weird or unpleasant.

BlueBelle Sat 19-Feb-22 17:12:44

Why block everybody judy then you may miss the best friend you ever will have, ?just block the sender of anything you may not like

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 19-Feb-22 17:14:35

That’s very true! I would really have missed out if I’d blocked everyone.

Judy54 Sat 19-Feb-22 17:49:30

Thanks Bluebelle I did not know you could do that. Can you tell me how to block individual senders rather than everyone. Thank you.

MaizieD Sat 19-Feb-22 17:57:31

If you open their PM you'll find a box that says 'Block sender'. Just click on it.

Galaxy Sat 19-Feb-22 18:00:06

Can people see if you have blocked them? I have just had a look at my inbox because of this post and noticed that I had accidentally blocked someone! No idea how I did it and certainly didnt mean to. I really like them blushgrin

Tizliz Sat 19-Feb-22 18:40:44

They didn't just PM me but commented on an old posting. I tried replying to Gransnet's email thanking me for reporting but that is not working either.

I will report my own post! Thanks

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 19-Feb-22 18:45:53

If the pm is still in your inbox just block further messages from that poster.

BlueBelle Sat 19-Feb-22 18:59:00

Just block the offending pm sender for now then contact GNHQ for whatever the other problem is I m not quite sure what the other concern is but they can sort that

Shinamae Sat 19-Feb-22 19:06:41


If the pm is still in your inbox just block further messages from that poster.

Or if it’s nasty screenshot it and post it! Shame the person…

Judy54 Sun 20-Feb-22 16:47:12

Thank you MaizieD that's a very useful tip which I will remember if I receive an unsavoury PM in future.

MayBee70 Mon 30-Jan-23 18:21:34

Is it safe to open the message, though? I’ve just had one of those weird ones and my general rule is to never open anything like that….