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‘Russell Brand’s Parenting Tips’ 🤣

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FannyCornforth Sun 13-Nov-22 13:53:45

It really is the limit now with the pop up ads / videos / absolute jokes.

‘Russell Brand’s Parenting Tips’.
I ask you.

I wouldn’t want tips from him about bloody anything.
Let alone children 😡

I wouldn’t trust that clown with a house plant

Galaxy Sun 13-Nov-22 16:04:31

I loathe Russel Brand so may be a bit biased grin

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Nov-22 16:08:49

I’m not exactly on the fence either!
But, even subjectively…why?

maddyone Sun 13-Nov-22 16:18:05


I loathe Russel Brand so may be a bit biased grin

Me too.
Has he actually got any children?

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Nov-22 16:27:59

Yes, he has two daughters with Kirstie Gallagher

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Nov-22 16:29:38


Yes, he has two daughters with Kirstie Gallagher

No! Sorry - Laura Gallagher

MrsKen33 Sun 13-Nov-22 18:03:40

Yuk ….dislike him intensely.

JaneJudge Sun 13-Nov-22 18:14:28

I would like him to give me a lesson in traditional pork pie making

MrsKen33 Sun 13-Nov-22 18:15:58


FannyCornforth Sun 13-Nov-22 18:45:21

He’s a vegan, surely?

JaneJudge Sun 13-Nov-22 18:46:15

I've seen him in Gregg

FarNorth Sun 13-Nov-22 18:59:22

I'm so fed up of the little ads that pop up in the bottom right corner.
Still, if it keeps the wolf from GN's door.....

Blossoming Sun 13-Nov-22 19:46:14

That Russell Brand is on the Mumsnet YouTube channel. Gransnet has a YouTube channel too, with things like this on it.
I never get any video adverts in my GN feed so I’m guessing these are what other people are seeing. I’ve no idea why only some people get them.

sodapop Sun 13-Nov-22 20:06:19

I'd rather take parenting tips from Herod

FarNorth Sun 13-Nov-22 20:14:56

Here's what I'm seeing, on my phone.
They're too small to really see what they're about so I'm never going to click on them anyway.

Smileless2012 Sun 13-Nov-22 20:15:36


eazybee Sun 13-Nov-22 22:25:14

The point is, why are we STILL getting these dreadful adverts inflicted on us???