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Cookie consent - over and over

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FoghornLeghorn Mon 16-Jan-23 18:13:34

I am repeatedly having to confirm my choices. Someone please make it stop.

25Avalon Mon 16-Jan-23 18:14:42

If only

winterwhite Mon 16-Jan-23 18:41:03

I also wonder what can possibly be the 'authorised use' - or whatever the wording is, don't have it in front of me now - of various categories of advertising material. I disallow the whole lot every time. Never confident that it makes any difference.

Redrobin51 Mon 16-Jan-23 20:52:26

It is absolutely ridiculous. Makes me literally growl at the screen when it comes up.x

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 16-Jan-23 21:20:13

It’s aggravating but it’s the law.

Theexwife Mon 16-Jan-23 22:07:01

If you stay logged in then you won't have to keep doing it.

You can also go to settings and “allow all cookies".

winterwhite Thu 19-Jan-23 11:32:11

I think I am logged in all the time. Had to do it again yesterday and clocked that what I am objecting to is 'Legitimate interest' which seems to cover everything. I always disallow it and don't think I've missed anything.

Nanatoone Thu 19-Jan-23 11:34:06

I agree, it's absolutely mad. Surely once is enough. This kind of thing leads people to ignore it anyway.

Callistemon21 Thu 19-Jan-23 12:24:49

Unless I go into History and delete all cookies before I log off it must automatically save my preferences - can you change your settings?

I do delete them fairly regularly but not every time I log off.

FoghornLeghorn Wed 25-Jan-23 21:06:28


If you stay logged in then you won't have to keep doing it.

You can also go to settings and “allow all cookies".

I do stay logged in. And I don’t want to allow all cookies. I want to disallow all cookies.

karmalady Wed 25-Jan-23 21:17:47

Don`t allow all cookies.

3 horizontal lines top right on your computer. Go to settings privacy and security, and cookie settings on your computer. Find all the gn cookies and delete them

You will need to log into gn and the cookie list will pop up. Go through every one of them and switch them off one at a time and confirm

Do not log off or you will have to do all this again

karmalady Wed 25-Jan-23 21:18:59

Best also to restart your computer after deleting the gn cookies