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Beautiful forever makeup ads

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loopyloo Tue 07-Mar-23 13:44:50

At least think that's what they're called.
Driving me mad
Seeing these 3 ladies all the time.
Please is it possible to get rid of them?
Many thanks.

annsixty Tue 07-Mar-23 13:56:20

Those ladies being transformed are GN members or were when the ads were made some years ago.
One is still a very regular poster but I don’t know about the others.

annsixty Tue 07-Mar-23 13:57:51

To answer your question,no I think they are here to stay.
Just pleased we got rid of the midwife with her advice.

Ali08 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:07:16

I'm sick to death of recent pop-ups in GN. You can't even scroll one page without a pair of people advertising some gym routine, at least I think it's a gym routine!
Anyway, it's quite recently started happening and it just blocks half the page and is very annoying!