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Pop-up Advert for horrible, sexist game

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Notagranny44 Mon 13-Mar-23 17:19:47

I think it's called Become a Legend, but I haven't clicked on anything so not sure. It has horrible sexist pictures of scantily clad women chained up, waiting to be rescued by little boys. Do we really want adverts for this sort of game on Gransnet?

Smileless2012 Mon 13-Mar-23 17:24:14

Haven't seen it but to answer your question Notagranny NO.

Hetty58 Mon 13-Mar-23 17:26:39

Use Adblock Plus - no adverts!

Notagranny44 Mon 13-Mar-23 17:52:49

I don't know whether that would work - it's among the "Gransnet Videos" that are also annoying, but not generally objectionable.

Ali08 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:05:00

I haven't seen that. But, not on here I hasten to add, I'm constantly seeing adverts for games with women coming home, babe in arms, catching the husband in bed with say the midwife, and they're awful. Especially as half the time they're more directed at children!!

BlueBelle Wed 22-Mar-23 06:29:00

I only get make up and cooking adverts onGN not seen any for games of any kind

nanna8 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:33:35

Haven’t seen it and wouldn’t want to,either. They have obviously chosen the wrong demographic by the sounds of it.