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Tell Warner Leisure Hotels what you like treating yourself to when on holiday in the UK NOW CLOSED

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KatGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 04-Nov-13 10:12:03

Warner Leisure Hotels has asked us to find out what gransnetters like treating themselves to when they’re on holiday in the UK.

Here's what Warner Leisure Hotels have to say, "At Warner we are great believers of getting involved in different activities and treating yourself. Whether that is a spot of afternoon tea with friends, a new dance workshop or watching a live band perform. Our guests have long been telling us that a holiday is all about a bit of 'me time' so we’d love to hear what you treat yourself to."

So, when you're on holiday in the UK, what do you like treating yourself to? Do you enjoy going for a nice swim somewhere? Do you use it as an excuse reason to be slightly more indulgent in your eating? Or are you a more adventurous type and like to treat yourself to something like a helicopter ride around the beautiful surrounding British countryside? Whatever it is, we'd love to hear about it!

Everyone who adds their thoughts will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 M&S voucher.

Thanks and good luck,


Galen Mon 04-Nov-13 10:19:57

Good food combined with an excellent beauty salon and gym!

janeainsworth Mon 04-Nov-13 10:26:27

Good food and live music, preferably with dancing smile
Good food is the most important thing. No point paying to stay somewhere if the food isn't at least as good as what you would have at home.
And I have high standards.

merlotgran Mon 04-Nov-13 10:27:30

Good food, comfortable bed, walking and visiting well known gardens.

Oldgreymare Mon 04-Nov-13 10:53:36

.A room with a view, preferably on the sunny side, and the ability to sit outside and enjoy it (balcony/patio etc).
.Indulgent food.
.A spotlessly clean bathroom to myself.
. Set in an area where it is possible to explore lovely gardens, houses, countryside, coastal areas.....
I don't want much, do I?

MargaretX Mon 04-Nov-13 11:01:06

First what I don't want! Noisy neighbours and a gym, swimming pool and sauna. Waste of money for me.

I like a room with a view, to myself, and if possible something cultural like an Art gallery or a classical concert or just a nice well looked after town with good food and shops.
Tell me where that is available and I will deifinitely come to stay.

rosesarered Mon 04-Nov-13 11:50:13

A calm, pleasant atmosphere [a bit in the elegant Country House style] because if I can't have that at home [and I can't!] then that's what I look for on holiday.Large, attractively laid out grounds to stroll in. A beautiful dining room with tables not too close to others [a pet hate] I don't want to hear other peoples conversations in my ear.Good food [doesn't have to be fine dining] just fresh and wholesome.Attentive but not too attentive staff, not always asking how everything is [just the once will do.]Staff who will sort out problems fast [an extra pillow when you need it not the next day etc.]All rooms to be very clean and fresh smelling.A variety of courses to participate in, not just for ladies, something that husbands would like to do [they don't all play golf after all.]Nor do they want to make candles.A very well stocked bar, we don't all want a small sherry or a whisky........ that means a good bartender that knows how to mix a cocktail.No musak in the lifts or anywhere else. Only live music. Perfect!!!

Charleygirl Mon 04-Nov-13 12:46:13

Good, fresh, wholesome food, no musak or even music in the restaurant. A lovely, quiet restful place with a comfortable bed and a shower room not built for a dwarf.

If there is music, let it be in one area and not foisted on everybody.

If I was going on my own I would not like my room overlooking the bins just as my table in the dining room should not be close to the kitchen entrance. Like another, I do not want to be asked every 10 minutes if everything is okay. Believe me, you would know long before that if standards were not high.

FlicketyB Mon 04-Nov-13 13:29:54

When we have one of our short country house hotel holidays it is usually only two or three nights and we are looking for 100% relaxation. This means what we want is similar to what is said in the two threads above.

We choose hotels that are rural, small, under 20 rooms, in an old property; converted manor house or similar. We like large bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, not just a shower, I love my baths. Roomy bedrooms simply furnished, vast quantities of swathed curtains and a plethora of cushions on the bed really irritate me. Really quiet with no on site organised evening entertainment, beyond pianist in lounge or dining room for an hour every evening.

Good 'real' food. Proper artisan bacon and sausages. We sometimes stay in a B&B in York where the landlady auditioned all the local butchers before deciding which bacon and sausages to serve her guests.

Dining room with good quality food simply presented with no unordered tasters, or fiddly extras served during the meal or with the coffee. No chairs swathed in fabric and ties. Unobtrusive waiters.

Not bothered with onsite activities we always thoroughly research an area before we visit so know what we want to visit/do, although a display of leaflets in reception that might draw our attention to something we hadn't discovered is always helpful.

We usually take these breaks between October and May so want wood stoves and comfortable quiet lounge areas.

grannyactivist Mon 04-Nov-13 13:35:46

I expect good food, clean rooms and excellent service to come as standard in any hotel. What would make a hotel special for me and my husband is that they have a range of activities on offer in and around the hotel. I wouldn't even mind paying a little extra for trips out or themed events.

POGS Mon 04-Nov-13 13:43:28

I like the opportunity to mix and meet with different people and hopefully have some fun.

I like the ethos of a Warner Holiday but I must admit I have never taken one. It appeals to me as I am never happier than when I am participating in eating, drinking and having a good time. I am certainly a people person and I do like to get into the spirit of any entertainment provided at the venue I have booked with. I would like to try the various sporting activities too, providing they are suitable for a poor old soul with health issuessmile.

On a break I like to visit places of interest such as museums, churches, country houses. It is most enjoyable to see different parts of our country and a break away does freshen up a relatively quiet life for the good. A quality, comfortable base is essential and obviously good food and nice surroundings only enhance the joy of the stay. I value the chance to 'be waited on' and a traditional B&B sometimes just isn't a treat, unlike a hotel or a complex such as Warners.

I note that your properties are in quiet areas, plenty of parking and have special entertainment breaks. Actually, what's not to like, WHY HAVEN'T I BOOKED ONE ????


Gally Mon 04-Nov-13 14:30:29

Good food and wine, clean QUIET room with simple furnishings away from the kitchen and fans which run all night long (I have recently stayed in a couple of corkers and got no sleep shock). Large comfortable bed with NO cushions - why on earth do people want cushions on a bed? I always wonder how clean they are....... first thing I do is to chuck them on the floor and no silly half sized throw over the bottom of the bed please! A big bath with luxurious 'smellies' and huge bath sheets - fed up making do with thin, tiny teeny hand towels. Somewhere bigger than the top of the cistern to put my bits and pieces, impeccably clean tiles - I can't bear to see mould or black bits round the bath, basin or shower - I don't have it at home, so don't expect it when I am a paying guest. A tray with a good choice of teas and a big bottle of water. Good view from the window - preferably over sea or countryside, friendly helpful staff and if it's winter, a roaring log fire. And, lastly, I don't want to stay if there's a wedding on at the same time!!
So, as you see, I don't expect much wink

Stansgran Mon 04-Nov-13 15:16:52

If I'm paying to be away it's got to be better than home. So yes good food quality. Not always so gourmet you need the Gaviscon( I'm thinking heart liver and kidney of hare) no mould anywhere. Lovely views. Molton Brown or better bath stuff. Please do not charge me for bottles of water left in my room. Decent tea twinings or better. The possibility of a fresh jug of milk from housekeeping. Pillows that are replaced frequently. No I do not want to feed goldfish in my room or have cute teddy bears on the bed. Option for sheets not duvet as my DH can't bear them. Enough room for both of you to get dressed at the same time. Not so much cutting edge lighting technology or media stuff that you have to keep getting someone from reception to stop the music in the loo or brighten the lights by the arm chair so you can read and yes two arm chairs it is a double room. No display of toothbrushes and tooth paste to buy. If I've forgotten it then I'm paying enough for your desk people to smile kindly and hand over a dogs in rooms their owners swear they never let them on the bed but I don't believe them. If you have fabulous views from the dining room rotate the tables so the same people don't hog the view. Lochinver hotel rotates the tables so everyone gets a fact it's probably the perfect hotel or the Samling . Good selection of books not just dog eared paper backs that started life in a charity shop. An efficient laundry room for longer stays or a recommendation for a local place if abroad. No discos. No Muzak . Advise guests if there is to be a wedding an if they are not guests make sure the guests are in one place we are in another. Log fires in your room are good(Helmsley has good hotels in this category) feel free to get back to me I could go on for hours. I'm also a great fan of premier inns and and Doubletree Hilton but the Heathrow ones they just don't change the carpets enough .

PRINTMISS Mon 04-Nov-13 15:45:00

A 'roomy' room with a pleasant view, overlooking the sea if possible, and a comfortable bed with clean en-suite facilities. 'Carvery' food, because I like to help myself to smaller portions, somewhere to sit during the day if necessary with a coffee shop available at all times, and a choice of light entertainment in the evening. Hate Bingo! Easy access to staff 24 hours a day, and I like to feel that my holiday is as important to them as it is to me.

Ruby6918 Mon 04-Nov-13 15:46:56

When i go away and get to my room the first thing i do is check how clean it is, i like a fresh smell, clean sheets and a nice clean bathroom with soft clean towels and not all the wee tiny ones. I like somewhere to hang up my clothes and i insist on blackout curtains, i hate having to get up before it suits me and i feel all hotels and apartments should have them.

I like muted colors and some nice reading material available even from a shared book library as i have often forgotten my book.

A nice welcome on arrival and im very thin so its lovely for someone to offer to help with bags as often after the journey im tired.

Clear instructions on how to use any equipment is essential as they can be very confusing, i dont drink tea or coffee so it would be nice to have alternatives on the tray, or in a small fridge.

Security is a big issue as i like my room and belongings to fee secure so a good door lock and the chance to place any valuables into a safety deposit box or something.

And most of all the opportunity to relax whether inside the room or outside, warming surrounding and a nice atmosphere and some ambiance.

That makes me happy!

Tegan Mon 04-Nov-13 15:53:53

I just want a kettle in my room so I can make myself a cup of tea or coffee shenever I want one; holidays where I haven't beem able to do so have been really miserable.

Aka Mon 04-Nov-13 16:13:36

All of the above but also someone kind on the end of the internal phone who says they'll send someone up to show me how you use the TV/shower/open a window/ turn the hearing down etc. all things I can do in my own house but which conspire to confuse me in a strange setting. smile

annodomini Mon 04-Nov-13 16:40:59

High thread count bedding, and down pillows and duvet. Power shower and bath with unlimited hot water. Good quality toiletries renewed daily. Balcony if climate suitable. Controllable heating. Air conditioning if appropriate. Good cuisine but not necessarily 'fine dining' which would intimidate me. Veggie choice essential. Good choice of breakfasts - NO limp croissants please!.

Nelliemoser Mon 04-Nov-13 17:56:55

Gally its good someone else feels like that about piles of cushions.

Warners. I did holiday at Warner for a week about 3 yrs ago in a part of the country I particularly wanted to visit.

Hotels that are not so big the staff cannot manage with serving meals and being able to get the plates washed properly.

I would like you to be far more inventive about the vegetarian meals you provide. Good quality breakfast cereals that are not all cocoa pops.

Please no Bingo. An indoor swimming pool, well we are in the UK. Clean rooms that do not smell musty. Warm bedrooms . Chairs that do not sag, in the bedrooms.
Special interest "courses" to learn something new. Not just golf or ball room dancing. etc etc

Grannyknot Mon 04-Nov-13 18:33:30

Most of what we like has already been mentioned - comfortable rooms of a good size, decent quality mattress, a bathroom (not a tiny rickety shower in a plastic tray stuck in the corner of the room), plain but chic decor (husband take fright at the sight of chintz), good info about local attractions, including nearby local restaurants. Artisan food that supports the local producers and info about the provenance of it, which usually also means you learn a bit about the area, also info about local cultural attractions. Oh and if the room has a view - bonus.

Also - seeing as there are always TV sets in the rooms these days - not those silly little box ones perched on top of a wardrobe somewhere (we can't see the screen!). If you're going to have a telly in the room, have a decent size flat screen one (doesn't have to be huge).

I recently stayed in a hotel in Manchester (for work) and when I switched the telly on there was a personalised welcome message. Loved that!

Grannyknot Mon 04-Nov-13 18:34:26

Oh yes - and free wifi!

Nonnie Mon 04-Nov-13 18:37:56

A quiet clean room with a big comfy bed and coffee making facilities are prerequisites and most important. Next comes good food with fresh fruit at breakfast, we don't all want a full English in the mornings! I like linen napkins please and pleasant staff. Good fresh veg with whatever is on offer.

After that it would be quite nice to have a choice of things to do without leaving the hotel. A well stocked bar would be good too and I do like cocktails so it would be good to have someone who could mix one for me.

Not too much to ask?

Mishap Mon 04-Nov-13 18:52:13

Views! - we live with beautiful views at home, so there is no point in paying to go somewhere that has none.

Flexibility - about mealtimes in particular.

Meals that are of high quality with lots of fresh veg cooked briefly and not done to death; and meals that are of a sensible size - some of the meals served in hotels are enough to feed me for a week, and I hate to see waste.

Peace and quiet - noisy activities need to be away from the lounges and bedrooms where people need to be able to relax.

Grounds/gardens that are well kept and a pleasure to relax in.

Herb/peppermint teas in bedrooms.

Ariadne Mon 04-Nov-13 20:38:56

Real coffee in the rooms! In the UK, I have to bring my own coffee making stuff, because I cannot abide cheap and nasty (or even expensive and nasty) instant coffee.

Big room, big bed, lots of pillows, big duvet.
Windows that open.
Spacious bathroom, huge towels - forget the toiletries unless they are a named brand.
Comfortable armchairs (in many USA hotels they have recliners)
No Muzak, and music only in designated areas which can be avoided.
Accept that swimming pool etc appeals to many guests.
And, most important, no restrictions on the ages of guests. I find the idea of "no children" appalling.
Pleasant bar area with comfortable seats.
Good food, of course.

MiceElf Mon 04-Nov-13 21:19:28

Excellent food, especially breakfast with home made preserves, fruit compote granola and home made breads. 600 count bedding, free WiFi, highest quality soaps etc, country setting, close to lots of good walking and lots of historical sites and buildings.

Lovely gardens, and a friendly cat who allows herself to be stroked!