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Ask Dr Anne Henderson your questions about menopause - £100 voucher to be won

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YanaGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 23-Sep-20 10:04:04

From understanding more about the importance of good nutrition during the menopause to gaining advice that helps you keep healthy and active, GOPO® Joint Health is inviting you to share your questions with Dr Anne Henderson to help you understand how and why you may start to notice physiological changes.

Here’s what GOPO® Joint Health has to say: “Ahead of Menopause Awareness Day next month, GOPO® Joint Health has teamed up with Menopause Specialist, Anne Henderson, and invites the Gransnet community to share your menopause related questions.

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More information about Dr Anne Henderson can be found below:
“Anne Henderson is an accredited specialist with over 20 years' experience on advising women during the menopause. A strong advocate of holistic care and nutritional support, Anne is passionate about women's health during this time of change.”

If you're either in the midst of the menopause or perhaps already out the other end but still have some questions, this is your opportunity to find out more. Please post your questions on the thread below and we will choose approximately 15 questions for Dr Henderson to answer in w/c 19th October. Everyone who posts their questions will be entered into a prize draw where 1 lucky GNer will win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck

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Buddy2010 Fri 25-Sep-20 21:29:14

Hot sweats start at 20:00 hrs each evening as regular as clockwork, tired fall asleep at 22:00 hours to wake an hour later struggle to sleep rest of night, feel exhausted , no libido and fed up, total hysterectomy 3 years ago, tried HRT but stopped due to health concerns , hopefully will end soon?? Would really help to know how long these symptoms are likely to continue and is there a safe magic cure?

Shoom72 Sat 26-Sep-20 09:51:30

I have not had a period for over 18 months but still having hot sweats and feeling out of sorts, I am 48 years old, thanks
I feel very different inside to how i was before the menopause. I have a more F--K it mentality to do as much as possible!!

Anj123 Sat 26-Sep-20 09:56:23

I am 52 and in recent years my periods have become very regular and my cycle is shorter. Now it’s usually just under 4 weeks, and when I was younger it was nearer 5 weeks. I was expecting them to become less regular as I got older! Is this usual? However, I feel lucky as I don’t have hot flushes or any other symptoms. Thanks.

susiesioux Sat 26-Sep-20 10:04:10

I used diet to help with my menopause symptoms. I included lots of soya products for the phytoestrogens and regularly baked a’menopause cake’(liz learns). All this helped me an incredible amount when I look back at the few symptoms I did suffer with. Anyone else have similar ecpwriences

cookiemonster66 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:06:44

I had a hysterectomy age 25 yrs (due to life threatening growths of endometriosis & fibroids wrapped around all my internal organs). I was then on HRT for 25 yrs but DR took me off after constantly nagging me about breast cancer risks. Since stopping HRT have been in agony with joint pain and now been confirmed osteoarthritis - the estrogen in the HRT would have stopped that whilst taking them. Need advice about joint pain please.

Playermojo007 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:07:37

Hi there is there a link.
I stopped seeing periods because of menopause when I was 47. I also had a merino coil fitted due to suffering very heavy haphazard periods.
Anyway I never seen a period for more than a year.
In the mean time my husband met me for someone else. A while later I met someone and like in a new relationship had lots of good sex. Suddenly out of the blue periods started again.
As soon as our sex life settled down again the periods stopped. Is there a link?

Authoress Sat 26-Sep-20 10:08:12

My sister's menopause symptoms have lasted about 20 years; mine were over within 4 or 5. What causes such a wide variation between people with similar genes and environments?

compy99 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:19:51

Is weight gain post menopause usual. Same diet no change but weight continually going up.

renaplumridge Sat 26-Sep-20 10:24:04

Why at night do you wake up and Then flush, you would think it would be the other way around, you flush so the flush wakes you up.

Venus Sat 26-Sep-20 10:24:28

Does it follow the experience that your mother had as to the symptoms the daughter experiences during the menopause?

kacky Sat 26-Sep-20 10:25:06

Why is my hair thinning after the menopause. It was really thin to begin with but now I hardly have any., and I’m so tired all the time. Why

Wilner Sat 26-Sep-20 10:25:28

I suffer with pcos and am also menopausal so I have a battle with hormones on both sides, I too suffer the insomnia, moodswings, irritability, crying, forgetfulness, brain fog. I have managed to drop 2 dress sizes during lock down but am finding that my joints are aching a lot does anyone else have this.?

jt75 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:27:36

Why did I start getting migraines at this time in my life?

Loobs Sat 26-Sep-20 10:28:21

I am aged 64 and suffer from Lichen Sclerosis so use Estradiol pessaries as otherwise I would be so dry it would increase the discomfort from the LS. However, I have found that using the pessaries (once every 2 or 3 days) actually causes hot flushes so am faced with a stark choice, suffer the discomfort or the flushes. Would I be better off taking HRT orally or using something else?

ChocolateCake1 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:28:48

Is there still a shortage of HRT? At one point doctors were saying supplies were limited which was a concern to those either already on it or getting to a stage they required it to manage symptoms.

tinytears Sat 26-Sep-20 10:29:00

Have tried three different HRT medications and suffered problems with all of them, have now decided to experiment with alternative methods of dealing with the endless hot flushes and dreadful flashes of anxiety. I am 59 and take a very low dose of an antidepressant. I have tried sage tablets for the hot flushes without success so would like to know if there are any proven, natural alternatives that I could try.

Hellsbelles Sat 26-Sep-20 10:29:57

I went through a natural menopause before I was 40 . I'm 59 now, and have never been on HRT. I have been prescribed Vagifem in the past year, but I worry about my bone density ( I've never had a break so far ) but I'm wondering if it's too late to try patches ? Also I have had a T.I.A which was about 6/7 years ago.

angeleyes101 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:35:37

I've had menopause symptoms for 10 yrs (since 46yrs old) but I'm still having regular periods now at 56. Should I be worried?

dirgni Sat 26-Sep-20 10:53:26

I’m 74 and still have hot flushes particularly after meals or hot drinks. They are worse if I have eaten something sweet or spicy. I’m not overweight and generally feel the cold. I don’t seem to be bothered during the night, but quite often when I first get into bed.

hughmungus Sat 26-Sep-20 10:54:30

Looking at it from a man’s point of view it starts the moment you get married, then it’s you haven’t done the hoovering yet, there’s dishes in the sink still haven’t been washed, when you going to put that shelf up? the grass needs cutting.....honestly you just never give us men-a-pause !

carol2712 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:58:03

My menopause didn't start until I was 59 so I was late to the party and almost ten years on I still have the odd hot flush and mood swings but find that eating late. too much sugar in my diet or more than half a glass of wine adds to my symptoms just wonder if it's anything to do with menopause or something else altogether.

Echame Sat 26-Sep-20 11:01:19

I had a full hysterectomy including my ovaries removed twenty years ago at age 51 but still seem to be experiencing menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and hot flushes. Wondering if this is common or even possible, given my age and the length of time elapsed since my surgery.

chris8888 Sat 26-Sep-20 11:01:44

I am sure the menopause lasts forever especially if for other health reasons you can`t take HRT. Is arthritis connected to the menopause as it certainly feels like it is.

kellyroxanne Sat 26-Sep-20 11:16:52

Would you recommend pharmacy products or herbAl to ease symptoms thanks

Purplepoppies Sat 26-Sep-20 11:16:54

Hi. I have developed cyst like spots on my back since the menopause started. Can you recommend something to clear them please.
Im not spotty anywhere else and have never had acne.
Thank you