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What are your hopes for the future generations of your family? Share with Cancer Research UK - £200 voucher to be won

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CeriGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 25-Jan-21 12:23:25

It’s natural to wonder about what the world might look like in the future, particularly for our loved ones. Sometimes this can be a worrying prospect but it’s comforting to know there are things we can do now to help our family members thrive in the future, whether it’s creating a safe home for them, instilling the life lessons we’ve learnt in our grandchildren, or leaving gifts and donations to charity. With this in mind, Cancer Research UK would like to hear your hopes for the future generations of your family.

Here’s what Cancer Research UK has to say: “A Will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever write. It’s the only way to make sure the people and the causes you care about are looked after, and it’s where you can decide what happens to your money and possessions. Once your family and friends are taken care of, a gift to Cancer Research UK – no matter how big or small – really makes a difference for future generations.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, Gifts in Wills fund over a third of our life-saving work, helping us to make treatments even more effective for future generations, bringing forward the day when nobody fears the disease.”

What advice do you give to your grandchildren about how to achieve their hopes and dreams? How do you hope the world will be for future generations and what steps do you take now to help achieve this? Have you thought about writing a Will? Would you consider leaving a gift in your Will to Cancer Research UK to ensure your family grow up in a world where more people survive cancer?

All who post on this thread will be entered into a prize draw taking place on 22/02, where one lucky Gransnetter will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Vouchers of winner's choice will be an e-voucher ordered via the Voucher Express platform. Choice will be dependent on availability at the time. Winners will also have an option to select a 'VEX Gift Certificate" which will give them the option to select a physical voucher or gift card from the full Voucher Express range.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Lilyflower Thu 28-Jan-21 10:03:32

Be good.
Be happy.
Be rich.

Justanotherwannabe Thu 28-Jan-21 10:08:16

What I would wish for my grandson is that he'd be kind.

Kartush Thu 28-Jan-21 10:09:09

Be happy, be healthy, be kind

Molly10 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:09:42

Listen and learn and you will build the confidence to achieve. Consider everything carefully before acting or reacting. Think of the other person and what it would be like to walk in their shoes. The planet and the people in it are precious. Consider this always.

It's always good to give and it's an individual's right to give whenever and as often as they like be it those close to them in need or those they have never met by, for example, giving to charity. I have given, in many ways, to Cancer Research as I have to other charities and will do again. No doubt many times.

katynana Thu 28-Jan-21 10:15:24

Keep your dreams alive and put in the work needed to attain them. Remember to 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

Theoddbird Thu 28-Jan-21 10:18:34

Not just advice for my grandchildren but for everyone. Live with peace in your soul and smile smile

Holidayenthusiast Thu 28-Jan-21 10:23:54

I would advise my grandchildren to do what makes them happy and not let others prevent them from achieving what they want. The flip side of the coin is to encourage and help others to follow their dreams too.

Neilspurgeon0 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:24:14

Aim high, but don’t tread on other folks to get there

Grandmacosway3 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:26:18

Value the special times. Look after your health and wellbeing

hulahoop Thu 28-Jan-21 10:35:05

Good health
Happy life
Value family and good friends

Jinty64 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:38:49

In some ways it’s different for us as our grandson has some long term health issues so, for him, I wish only happiness and the best health possible. The advice I give both him and his mother is to keep hanging in there and don’t sweat the small stuff. Live for today. I hope the world will be a kind and inclusive place for him to grow up and he will find his place in it. I will do everything in my power to help with this.

I have a will which I think is very important, especially in blended families such as ours and would urge people to make sure they do this. I am leaving some charity donations in my will.

AliBeeee Thu 28-Jan-21 10:39:52

Don’t stress over the small things, especially those you can’t affect.
I hope the world will get to grips with plastic pollution, climate change, and this hideous virus.
I do have a will, but I have not put any charitable bequests in it. I do give to a number of charities regularly though, and also volunteer my time.

Annaram1 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:45:38

Look after our beautiful planet.

SillyNanny321 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:47:48

Long, Healthy & Happy Life!

Grannyjacq1 Thu 28-Jan-21 10:56:29

Take advantage of all the opportunities which come their way to make themselves the best version of themselves that they can be. Learn to value themselves and others; to appreciate good art, literature, music, the world around them. To be inquisitive and not take things for granted. To value their health and the health of others. To be kind and to look after the planet for those who will follow them. Always to remember that money is important, but is not the most important thing to value in life.
Yes, I have made a will and, with my mother having died of pancreatic cancer recently, and my father having been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I am more than happy to donate some of my money to Cancer Research UK.

Alioop Thu 28-Jan-21 11:49:33

As there is only my sister and I left and neither of us have children it's so sad to think we cannot pass anything on to family. Our wills are made to each other and when both of us are gone then it all goes to charities, so hopefully that will help people and animals in the future.

icanhandthemback Thu 28-Jan-21 12:14:03

I hope my ASD grandson can live a happy, fruitful and independent life. He is such a charming, happy boy for the most part and I'd like to think that won't change when puberty arrives. He obviously doesn't lack intelligence and I have great hopes that when his communication skills get better, he will find it easier to live within the world.
I hope my gorgeous, good hearted granddaughter doesn't get stricken with the terrible effects of her congenital condition in the way her mother has been and that her emotions become regulated so she can be truly happy in her relationships. I have more hope because at least we know about emotional dysregulation so she won't be struggling through trial and error like my daughter and I did. I think the other things like a good career, relationships, etc., come together more easily if you are at peace with your own emotions.

Tooyoungytobeagrandma Thu 28-Jan-21 12:42:54

Don't live your life to impress other people, live it for yourself.

Patticake123 Thu 28-Jan-21 12:55:17

I wish them good health, the courage to reach for their dreams but to always remember to treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves.

Ann29 Thu 28-Jan-21 13:19:14

Good health and happiness with lots of love.

LesleyFi Thu 28-Jan-21 13:26:45

To have as good a life as me

buylocal Thu 28-Jan-21 13:27:54

I hope that the human race will wake up to the insanity that is the way we organise our society at present which causes both obscene wealth and obscene poverty to continue to grow; the utterly unncecessary level of consumerism that we in the west are enmeshed in and those in developing countries aspire to will be recognised for what it is - an emptiness that is supporting the super rich and destroying the planet; that enough of the world population will realise the importance of supporting replenishment of the soil by buying local and unadulterated, unprocessed, seasonal food; that parents will revert to bringing up their own children and stop putting babies in day care to develop attachement issues and later mental health problems; that children's rights will become as big a campaign issue as any other oppressed group...but I think my hopes are pie in the sky - I wish I had not had children. If I had truly realised how much I would love them I like to think I would have chosen not to bring them into this world. I wish I could have persuaded them not to have children and I hope my grandchildren don't have children.

jocork Thu 28-Jan-21 13:53:15

Having become a granny during 2020 I've thought a lot about how the world is changing as a result of covid 19.
For my grandson I hope for all the usual things, that he will grow up happy, healthy and kind and that he will follow the example of his lovely parents.

For the world, I hope people will learn from this pandemic to care about others and not just about themselves. I'm saddened by the posts on our local facebook page where people are constantly moaning about the fact that people in our village are not getting their vaccinations as soon as people in a nearby town. They don't seem to realise that none of us are safe until everyone is safe. Getting the vaccine is not a passport to freedom but just a step in the right direction. May we think of those in poorer communities who need protecting as much or more than we do! I hope for a generosity of spirit that is shown in the volunteers who have been helping in these difficult times to become a feature of the many, not just the few.

I've just started volunteering at the local food bank and handing over a bag of groceries to someone clearly struggling gives so much pleasure.

My will doesn't currently include any charitable gifts, though it needs updating and may in future, but at present everything goes to my adult children and I trust them to give regularly to charities as I do myself.

libra10 Thu 28-Jan-21 14:25:46

I advise my grandchildren to learn and work hard to achieve their dreams. They need qualifications to gain employment, and secure a better future.

I advise them about the importance of climate change, and their responsibility to reduce carbon footprint. Although it's amazing how clued up children are these days. They can teach me a thing or two!

I hope in their future there will be less division between the have's and have not's, and all will gain the better education to try and redress the balance.

We have made out our wills, and granchildren are included.

I have taught them tolerance and respect for others, even though they may disagree with their views.