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What are your tips for meeting new people and making new friends? £200 voucher to be won

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IzzyGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 19-Apr-22 12:39:14

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Building new friendships later in life can be challenging but extremely rewarding. Whether it’s a simple tip or life changing advice, we would like to hear how you have met new people and made new friends.

Have you found confidence in retirement or later life and taken up a new hobby? Perhaps you’ve joined a club and found new friends through a shared interest? Or maybe you have recently started dating again and you can share with us your ways of meeting a potential partner? Whatever it is, share it on the thread below - you might even help someone else in the Gransnet community.

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“Over-50s have so much experience in meeting and talking to new people, but still, many of us have a fear of the unknown around making new connections and starting over.

If you feel nervous about meeting new people or dating again, take it slowly – you can use a site like Ourtime to chat and meet with likeminded people, and you’ll quickly realise that you never lost your power to connect, laugh, or flirt.”

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greenfinger5 Fri 06-May-22 14:54:30

For me, it's just talking to people, In a queue, at a bus stop, in the doctors.. I just mention the weather or whatever the topic would be good for that place, I don't really have a problem starting a conversation.

BlueBelle Fri 06-May-22 19:18:57

I ve been working (volunteering) in a charity shop for about 18/20 hours a week I feel useful I know I am useful I talk to the customers and make friends with the other volunteers I ve been doing it since I retired at 69 I m now 77
I ve also joined an ‘all the year round’ sea dipping group mostly women with a handful of guys I believe that cold water swimming is good for the brain and getting the blood moving (I ve been dipping today)
I just talk to everyone although I m actually quite a shy person strange isn’t it

M0nica Fri 06-May-22 20:43:07

I thik the mosst difficult aspect of making new frineds lies not in the places to go the things to do, it lies in ourselves.

Quite often you will hear people who are struggling also turn down every suggestion that is made to them to help them.

You need to accept that you do not find making friends easily and try to analyse why and then grit your teeth and start with anything you can find. If there is a local WI join that. It was somethin I was prepared to consider it at one point, even though after reading the local WI reports in the parish magazine, it didn't sound as if I would want to join long term.

Be prepared to walk in confidently, keep your head up, look around and smile and try to make eye contact with someone.

You have the perfect opening gambit for aany conversation 'hallo, this is the first time I have come to a meeting, How ong have you been a member'. make an effort to go up to whoever seems to be in charge and introduce yourself. Say you are new.

Unfortunately, all the hard work has to be done by the friend seeker - and it does not always work. DH, the friendliest of people, left the local choir because it was too cliquey, he felt completely cut out, even though he went with our next door neighbour who was a long established member.

I have got a lot braver in recent years, after the deaths of two close friends and the near death of DH and I am already two friends the richer.

Karen180879 Sat 07-May-22 14:49:39

I joined Rock choir.

Goatgrams Tue 10-May-22 20:32:29

Meeting new people, smile and be yourself, find a common interest and it's all plainsailing from there 😁☺️

loopyloo Wed 11-May-22 12:09:56

If you're lonely and down, put on some clothes and go into town.

Join a club, volunteer, give it time, you'll be fine.

If you see someone you know, smile and say "hello".

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Keepingsane63 Wed 11-May-22 15:31:16

I have joined a bowling club and find it really good.
I have also volunteered to do dog walking for people who can't walk their pets. It is amazing how many people you meet while you're out.
I am also joining the local ramblers - I don't want to walk great distances so this will suit me and give me exercise and plenty of time to chat to people in a relaxed informal way

Charleygirl5 Fri 13-May-22 10:36:33

I have been to about 3 GN coffee meetups and I have met some really nice people. 4 of us meet monthly and have been doing so for over 5 years now.

I also have Macular disease so we also meet for a coffee monthly which is really good.

A couple of ladies live too far away so I email them frequently.

Nobody is going to knock on my door- I have to make the effort and so far it has been well worth it.

Messyme Sat 14-May-22 12:57:34

I’ve started a sideline job. It’s helping others, provides me with extra income and helps me meet new people and go on outings with the team.

pooohbear2811 Sat 14-May-22 14:05:56

I took up as a volunteer a few years back with a walking/cycling organisation and started off helping with ladies cycle rides. From there I started joining in with mixed rides designed to build your confidence and also to learn some of the local cycle routes. A lot round here are on 60mph country roads with stretches of cycle path joining them.
I did not own my own bike at the time and was missing cycling, so by joining in not only was I getting training but also access to a cycle to use.
Since then I purchased my own one and have meet lots of like minded people and met up with others localishish to me and we go cycle together.

Willow73 Sat 14-May-22 21:06:45

I can talk to people I meet but as soon as it comes to getting together socially I become wrapped with anxiety and end up in a corner and no one talks to me. End up an embarrassed wreak wishing I hadn’t gone. Anyone else like this and what can I do.
I have no confidence.

Alio72 Sat 14-May-22 21:53:29

couldnt agree more!

joannapiano Sun 15-May-22 13:46:02

I don’t drive so in the 15 years I have lived in this small town I have walked to the local park, shops etc. I now know lots of people to say hello and have a chat with.

Jinty64 Tue 17-May-22 11:57:02

My mum was one of those people who would take a bus home and have a new friend by the time she got there. I was always very envious of her social skills. I find walking the dog is a good way to meet other, like minded, folk. It doesn’t matter if you can’t recall all their names as long as you remember their dogs.

IzzyGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 18-May-22 14:34:20

Thanks to everyone who took part in this sponsored discussion. The winner of the prize draw is @minimoon - congratulations! smile