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Do you have questions about your Will? Ask Cancer Research UK’s expert solicitor Rebecca Massey - £200 voucher to be won

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CeriGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 01-Mar-23 10:43:51

Please note, this Q&A is now closed for questions. You can read the expert's answers from page 3 onwards.

Having a Will ensures our wishes are fulfilled after we die, from the distribution of our possessions to taking care of the people and organisations that matter to us. However, if you’re creating a new Will or updating an existing one it can be hard to know where to start or where to look for advice. To help you out, Cancer Research UK has invited one of their expert solicitors to answer your questions around your Will.

●Everyone who shares a question on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw.
●The Q&A will close on 15 March at 23:59
●One lucky Gransnet user will win a £200 voucher
●Rebecca will be back online on 16 and 24 March to answer a selection of your questions.

Please note, Cancer Research UK cannot provide individual legal advice to Gransnet users. For specific questions about what you should put in your Will and how to manage your estate, they always recommend talking to your own solicitor.

About the expert
Rebecca Massey is the Legacy Management Lead at Cancer Research UK and a qualified Private Client Solicitor. Rebecca has worked in the Legacies team for 10 years looking after the legacy gifts that have very generously been left to Cancer Research UK. She previously worked as Solicitor in Private Practice advising clients about their Wills and Estates’.

Cancer Research UK have a Free Will Service to help you pledge a gift to life-saving research. Here’s what they have to say about it :

‘Our Free Will Service allows anyone over 18 to easily write or update a simple Will for free. Whether you would like to write your Will in person, online or over the phone, we partner with best-in-class solicitors and Will-writing providers to give you expert support.’

Good luck with the prize draw

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biglouis Wed 01-Mar-23 10:48:17

Can you leave your estate to one relative or friend who has really helped you and cut out nearer siblings such that they cannot make a claim? The sibling concerned does not depend upon me financially in any way.

PattyFingers Thu 02-Mar-23 17:19:20

Why is it that people make a Will which they believe is binding but relatives are able to contest the Will if they think they have been slighted and sometimes the Will is overturned. Surely a Will is a Will.

Aka77 Thu 02-Mar-23 17:28:58

What is the best way to leave money so that any horses you own at the time of your death are cared for. A solicitor suggested leaving the horses and a donation to an equine charity. This is not a safe strategy as charities will use the money as they see fit and cannot prioritise the horse the money was intended for.

Tink75 Thu 02-Mar-23 18:55:07

I would like to complete Power of Attorney for my two sons one of whom lives abroad can I complete forms and send them to him to sign? Is this expensive ?

fishnships Thu 02-Mar-23 22:08:16

If I want to change my will do I just write another one, get it signed then throw away the original?

eaglestone Fri 03-Mar-23 03:47:18

Is it a good idea to include my secret passwords to all my online bank and building society accounts when I make a will, or would access be given automatically to my online accounts when I die?

PamelaJ1 Fri 03-Mar-23 05:50:03

We have just given our youngest daughter £100,000 to help her buy a house.
Our eldest daughter doesn’t need money at the moment and was happy about this but I don’t want her to lose out. The amount we gave DD2 was the equivalent to 2/5 of the value. Should it be revalued on our death or should we have our house valued and leave a bigger proportion to DD1?

pamelaJEAN Fri 03-Mar-23 06:52:36

We have two daughters, and have made our wills out to leave equal amounts to each daughter, what would happen if something happened to one of my daughters, would the monies automatically go to her husband.

albertina Fri 03-Mar-23 15:09:43

My elder daughter has been very generous to me and I want this reflected in the amount of money she receives when I die. Her sister is bound to resent this and fight it. Is my word final ?

Lollin Fri 03-Mar-23 15:21:34

Our library has a book about how to write your will. Why not just diy?

IamaWallis2 Sat 04-Mar-23 19:33:03

I want one of my sons as my executor. I don't understand what is probate. Why would he need to apply for it - or not.

rags Tue 07-Mar-23 11:32:49

How long does it take to receive the proceeds from a will?

Iamyyewalnut84 Tue 07-Mar-23 11:59:13

If there’s no will and you have nothing but sentimental possessions- is it a problem?

ronisapphire Tue 07-Mar-23 12:42:46

Is 12 years too long a time to contest a will?

Nikkidmh Tue 07-Mar-23 14:40:21

I originally wrote my will with a will writing company and they hold the original copy. When I wanted to change it a couple of years ago and phoned them, they had changed their name but had not informed me of this and I don’t know if they are even still in existence now as I have had no other need to contact them. If they have changed names again or have disappeared is my will still legally binding wherever it may now be?

tomskype Tue 07-Mar-23 16:56:41

I want to leave my estate including my house to my daughter, how do I write a will to ensure that my son doesn't contest it when the inevitable happens as he already has a lot of money so doesn't need it.

rachael204 Wed 08-Mar-23 12:01:44

How binding are statement of wishes additions to wills?

elfies Wed 08-Mar-23 12:31:19

If you and the people named in your will/ Power of attorney, have moved house , should the will be amended, or would a simple note giving details and attached to the documents be acceptable .

Kathderoet Thu 09-Mar-23 03:50:39

Scottish will question - My husband has adult children from a previous marriage, it’s always been acrimonious. If something happens to either of us, will whichever partner is left have to sell our family home to pay his adult kids from his first marriage a portion.

mumofmadboys Thu 09-Mar-23 07:21:23

We have five children and presently they are joint executors of our will. Will they if they wish be able to hand the task over to say two of them?

Willow3 Thu 09-Mar-23 13:43:49

Should you update your will regularly if nothing much has changed? Our wills are 12 years old but we just want to leave everything to our 2 adult children even though we now have grandchildren. You often hear that you should update them !!

suzieo1 Fri 10-Mar-23 10:11:59

Are wills stored centrally somewhere so that if it is not known which solicitor holds the will, it can be found?

ems07957 Fri 10-Mar-23 18:22:57

Can an executor also be a beneficiary?

brownbunny17 Sat 11-Mar-23 13:17:18

Is it better to write a new will or update the existing one ?