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snookm Sat 31-Mar-12 13:10:21

The bowls season should be starting soon all over the country and good luck and good bowling to all who play this friendly and pleasant game. Who wins is important but not all important; the Olympic Spirit should prevail.

tanith Sat 31-Mar-12 19:06:46

I'm very happy the season starts soon my hubby plays most Sundays and it means I don't have to cook a roast Sunday dinner for a few months. I do go along and watch occasionally I can't play due to arthritis, all the people there talk of nothing but the bowls so I do find it a bit boring when it goes on for hours and it looks a bit rude to be reading my Kindle.
So happy bowling to everyone that enjoys the game, and I'll enjoy my quiet Sundays in the garden , at least if its sunny.

snookm Sun 15-Apr-12 03:25:08

Hello bowlers. I got a reply from tanith; hi tanith. Are there no other bowls people out there?
The weather is getting better tanith so you should enjoy your garden soon!

PoppaRob Sun 15-Apr-12 05:52:51

Hi. I'm in South Australia so our season is just winding up. My parents played pennant bowls most of their lives, which was enough to put me off until a few years ago when I started playing night owls. It's a nice casual and very social competition one night a week playing 14 ends with rules slightly modified to keep the game moving and not get too bogged down with rules. We play in teams of 4, my team being another middle-aged couple and my 12 year old grandson.

There are some forward thinking innovations being considered for next season, including a night pennants competition and the possibility of that comp being split into 2 seasons of 8 weeks before and after Christmas / New Year. If they do wake up to themselves I'll be joining my club as a full member and committing for an 8 week season, but knowing the dinosaurs who run lawn bowls here they'll spend the next ten years arguing the pitch and toss while more clubs close down due to dwindling numbers.

Good luck for your coming season and remember the only important rules of lawn bowls... try to get close to the little white one, take it in turns, and play nicely! smile

goldengirl Sun 15-Apr-12 17:15:51

I was given a flyer about playing bowls in the market last week. I'm tempted but feel I'm still a bit young grin

tanith Sun 15-Apr-12 17:47:17

goldengirl they are quite a few young people who play at OH's club mostly young men but a couple of youngish ladies too... give it a go you never know till you try

PoppaRob Mon 16-Apr-12 04:33:42

I always saw bowls as marbles for old people, even though (or maybe because) I grew up with parents who bowled. I had a lazy eye as a kid and wore patches and had a couple of eye operations so I lost my binocular vision by the time was 5 years old... equals uncoordinated and crap at sport and subject to the usual ritual humiliation from one's peers when it came to PE and sports at school. My parents had friends who had bought the vacant block next to their house and built a huge workshop along one side and a 4 rink bowling green along the other. Dad also played billiards and snooker so we had a full sized table. The only sports I've ever been any good at are lawn bowls, cue sports and rifle shooting, none of which require the depth perception that comes from binocular vision.

When I found myself newly single after my marriage failed I happened to pick up the local free newspaper and there was a notice saying Night Owls was starting at the local club 5 minutes away from me that night and it was only $5 to play.... so I wandered down to the club, found 3 other strays and we formed a team. Within a month I'd bought some secondhand bowls on eBay and by the end of the season we'd won our division! I've now moved across town but the first thing I did was stick my nose into the local bowls club to see what they had to offer.

Once upon a time here in Australia bowls was a bit elitist and exclusionary, but as the numbers of oldies have dropped off clubs have been dragged screaming into the 21st century and it's become a game for all ages and all backgrounds. We have bowlers ranging from my grandson at 12 years old through to an old couple in their late 80's who bowl half a game each because a full game is a bit too much for them. It's fun, interesting, frustrating, social, casual, inclusive and cheap... ticks every box!

PRINTMISS Tue 17-Apr-12 08:18:23

I have just seen this, I have been on the other chat, as most of you know, where I have said how much I enjoy playing bowls but cannot play on grass any more, which is why I play with a club with an all weather carpet. Some of us like the challenge of playing outdoors in the winter, not sure what we are trying to prove! Goldengirl, go for it, you will never know if you can play unless you try. You might well find that people are a bit 'clicky', my daughter did, (and so did I, when we moved and changed clubs), but that is not the case, and you will soon find that you will be welcomed, particularly if you ask advice about things. It is not just a case of sending a wood up the green.

goldengirl Tue 17-Apr-12 18:10:59

I might just do that. Thanks Printmiss and others for the recommendation. I must say the men who 'accosted' me seemed very friendly - in the nicest possible way grin

PRINTMISS Wed 18-Apr-12 08:29:02

Oh!, goldengirl, the men will always be friendly, - just don't beat them! No, joking apart, it is a very friendly game, and one where you are really always trying to better yourself. Go for it.

PRINTMISS Wed 11-Jul-12 15:53:53

Well, we are a long way into the season, and the weather, as we all know has been less than kind, but today was almost the last straw. Playing in a club competition - ladies pairs, - and not only did it rain, the skies just opened there was thunder, lightening a little bit of hail and then................BRILLIANT SUNSHINE! with steam rising off the carpet. We won, just. I keep telling myself the exercise and open air are good for me, I am not so sure about the getting wet bit (or the possibility of being struck by lightening.)