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Nonu Thu 12-Jul-12 21:08:05

Didn"t realise this was on , oversight on my part , so come tomorrow and Sat. will be glued to box , I should be going to my health spa !!! heyho, tomorro is another day as "Scarlett" said

merlotgran Thu 12-Jul-12 21:22:51

I used to work there (in another life). I ran the Links hostel where the travelling lads stayed. The horses were stabled in the adjacent yard. It was hard work, long hours but good fun.

crimson Thu 12-Jul-12 21:34:17

Thanks for that; didn't realise it was on the box tomorrow..would've missed it. Did you know that Beauty Parlour was being moved from France to Sir Henry's? I've never been to Newmarked; something else on 'the tick list'.

crimson Thu 12-Jul-12 21:36:32

Bet you could tell a few tales! Wasn't it sad about the jockey who died on holiday last week? It was his birthday as well; his mum must have worried about him every working day, with the job being so dangerous only to lose him inan accident on holiday. Heartbreaking.

Nonu Thu 12-Jul-12 22:19:37

Crimson , didn"t know all that , so sad , thanks for the info, yo

crimson Thu 12-Jul-12 22:34:03

He rode a winner at Cheltenham this year; the horse was one of the best horses to come out of Scotland for a long, long time. Jumped out of his paddock in the early hours of the morning a few weeks ago and ran straight into a tanker. A few weeks later and his jockey is dead. Both were destined for great things.

Nonu Thu 12-Jul-12 23:03:14

Do you go for jockeys , trainers , I have to admit I am in favour of ryan moore he seems to bring them home, but I have of late started studying more form but to be truthful I do tend to pick fancied horses, such a whimp .

crimson Thu 12-Jul-12 23:22:20

I used to study the form and did quite well for a while but just lately can't pick winners at all. I love big handicaps, like the Ebor. I spent a year or so totally engrossed in form lines on the Sporting Life and such like; never got bored with it, but don't seem to find the time these days. I like looking 'outside the box' and trying to figure out what a trainer is up to; what he's plotting wink. I'm really pleased that Graham Lee is doing well as a flat jockey; he was always my favourite jumps jockey, as he seemed to care so much for the horses. I don't like McCoy who seems to be so brutal with them. And the Buick lad reminds me of my son, so I like it when he wins.

Maniac Fri 13-Jul-12 22:47:14

Worked in Newmarket in the 80s.Morning traffic held up by horses crossing.
Traffic lights chainpull operated by riders on horseback!.
Saw Lester Piggot win at one race-meeting.

merlotgran Fri 13-Jul-12 23:14:09

DD1's pony, Sport, belonged to Maureen Piggott who was introduced to us by friends. She was a teenager at the time and loaned Spori to us (for life) when she outgrew him. He was a great pony, a real character and we adored him. When he had to be put down, due to old age, I phoned the Piggott house and Lester picked up the phone. I gave him the sad news and said how grateful we were to Maureen for lending us such a wonderful pony. I was surprised to be speaking to Lester because it is well known that he is extremely hard of hearing. All he said was, 'Who the b****y hell is Sport?'

crimson Sat 14-Jul-12 11:04:04

I've only seen Maureen on the telly, along with her husband Willie, and she comes across as a lovely person, and, like most trainers wives very instrumental in the success of the stable. His horses run out of their skins at the start of the season but I always forget to back them.

Nonu Sat 14-Jul-12 12:00:22

OOOOOOO , didn"t watch yesterday after all , was good and went to health club , hard work though as I haven"t been for a long time . Just read Racing Post for runners and to tell the truth will be really lucky to get anything . Hope anyone out there who does tune in , gets something , although Mr Nonu tells me going to be hard , cause of all the rain , stands to sense really . So GOOD LUCK !grin

crimson Sat 14-Jul-12 12:18:38

Lot of horses pulling out today because of the going. Annoyingly missed a 25/1 third in one of the races; always pay attention when Francois Doumen brings a horse over,but, having said that not sure if there were 8 runners in the race. Breeding very important to look out for when the ground is this soft; Pivotals' and such like. Always wanted to learn more about the breeding side of it, certainly paying attention when it's the longer distance winter racing. Racing starting early on Ch 4 today, I believe [1.30?]

Nonu Sat 14-Jul-12 12:39:12

Yes , pivotals" ?? not sure what this is ? enlighten me , always ready to learn

crimson Sat 14-Jul-12 12:47:27

Pivotal is a sire whose progeny relish soft ground. I go on a lot of racing forums and the people on them are so knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions. Someone once said to me that you could start learning about horses from the minute you're born and by the time you die you still won't know everything there is to know. They fascinate me. Can gaze at the pedigree of the founding stallions and see the names of the famous horses they produced. And, to think that it seems the end result is Frankel who appears to be 'the perfect racehorses'. Although still hasn't filled the place in my heart that Sea the Stars did.

Nonu Sat 14-Jul-12 12:53:33

Coo Crimson you know your stuff ! I would like to learn more and perhaps I should , not beyond my capabilities [ I think ] it is as you say a gripping subject. smile x

Nonu Sat 14-Jul-12 12:57:11

One other thing , I just love looking at them as they parade , such noble , noble creatures

crimson Sat 14-Jul-12 13:30:25

I love the smell of hoof oil! And, when they say 'weighed in, weighed in' after a race it always sends shivers up my spine. We go to the pre parade ring a lot to see them being tacked up. Theracingforum is one of my favourite forums [you can look at it without registering]; Talkinghorses [but you have to register]. Grandnationalblog is my all time favourite; a group of us that have been chatting together for years, all with a common passion for racing but, above all, the horses. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention this one [?] but The Sun has a list of big upcoming races and gives all the stats about which horse is likely to win [age, weight, draw; trainers to keep an eye on etc]. I used to do a list of all the horses in these races and it throws up some good winners. When my house is a bit more sorted I'm hoping to find the time to study it properly again. Someone once recommended to me 'the lazy punters black book', but it comes out yearly and is quite expensive; not worth it when you only bet in pennies! I've made some wonderful friends through racing; I suppose, like gransnet we share a common bond. Oh, it's about to start!

crimson Sat 14-Jul-12 13:49:43

Quick glance at todays card. Have been following Kiama Bay all season; sure there's abig race in him. Owner is running his other horses as top weight to, perhaps keep the weight down for Kiama Bay or they may just be trying to get his weight down further for big races later on. Nanton, the most beautiful grey horse you will ever see is running later; getting old now but runs his heart out. Saw him at York a few years back.Love him to bits. And Prohibit whose owners we met in France on a bus; a meeting which left me with a togue tied 'I'm not worthy to be on on the same bus' feeling.

Nonu Sat 14-Jul-12 16:04:28

Thanks Crimson for all the little "snippits" will look into them . Did you good ? I will thank you Olympic Glory , although I thought he was looking a bit fed up when was walked in as if to say " I DID NOT ENJOY THAT ONE BIT " I will thank you Bonnie Brae , and finally I will thank you Society Rock , because I will still get a little as I went e.w. I am a bit stunned really as this does not usually happen . I have covered my stake with a tad over , I don"t though spend huge amounts , really just do it to add extra interest . blush

crimson Sat 14-Jul-12 16:29:11

Did you shed a tear when that girl was interviewed leading in her horse, the home bred hand reared outsider [perhaps not if you backed Society Rock!]. Love the little background stories to these horses. And he was by a Pivotal mare wink. Did I back him? Of course not! My bets are usually 25 pence ew ante post, but I don't have them very often these days, not since it now costs me more in petrol than I would win anyway sad. Think I'll give up on Kiama Bay. Owners other horse won easily, and he was carrying loads more weight and was half the size. Note to self; Kieran rides York very well.

Nonu Sat 14-Jul-12 16:49:43

Yes I thought it was really touching you could see she loved him dearly . I have to say that whoever wins I always clap them even if they"re not mine as I am pleased they have come home in one piece . Not always the case ! Think Kieran knew what he was doing in picking York , he will go in little book of jocks to watch and note. However musn"t get better than "himself" on the other hand, why not??????