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Brendan Foster et al

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suebailey1 Fri 13-Jun-14 08:28:31

I saw BH on the BBC Breakfast news with the Queen's Baton at the Angel of the North - he had a huge beer belly and jowly cheeks. I have seen a number of sportspersons who seem to expand when they stop competing. Are they an advert for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sporting activity do you think or is it Ok to let it all hang out when you've stopped competing?

Tegan Fri 13-Jun-14 09:30:55

Can I put in a good word for jockeys here. We meet up with a lot of retired ones through our racing club and have never seen one that has got fat [I'm not talking about flat jockeys either who are naturally tiny]. Most of them, having such a love for horses and riding them continue riding into old age. Brendan Foster looks bigger on camera than in the flesh; he's got a holiday home near us and we do see him jogging sometimes [so he does try].