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whenim64 Mon 23-Jun-14 12:14:50

Running round the room with excitement (not literally!!!) grin. Today is the start of my favourite fortnight of the year. Got the strawberries and cream in the fridge, ingredients for Pimms, nothing on the calendar for afternoons (except for visiting son and he'll have it on), vocal cords well oiled. Can't wait! [tennis ball emoticon] grin

Anniebach Mon 23-Jun-14 13:11:41

Me too, even put my Wimbledon towels in the bathroom

ffinnochio Mon 23-Jun-14 13:22:28

Definitely [tennis ball emoticon] needed. I am also ready and waiting when grin

I think I'm the only one to have used the football emoticon - so as it has failed to engage the excitement of GN-ers, (as did my use of it), perhaps a tennis ball might be a good substitute!

joannapiano Mon 23-Jun-14 13:31:37

We went through the ballot, as we do every year, and have tickets for Centre Court for Wednesday. The only top player we have never seen is Andy Murray as he has always been knocked out by the time we get there.
We didn't get tickets for last year and lo and behold he won.
Fear DH and myself may be jinxed when it comes to Andy! Sincerely hope not!

KatGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 23-Jun-14 14:43:53

I think this tennis is what you're looking for..? grin

ffinnochio Mon 23-Jun-14 15:30:33

Great! tennis tennis tennis smile

sparkygran Mon 23-Jun-14 15:37:25

Our wonderful tennis mugs are out as we speak they only come out for Wimbeldon tennistennistennis

whenim64 Mon 23-Jun-14 19:37:19

A good start today - great weather and wins for Andy and Novak tennis

Soutra Tue 24-Jun-14 09:28:24

Despite living quite close to SW19 for years before we moved out of London and regularly walking the labrador on its common I have never been to Wimbledon! tennis sad Should I give myself a big kick up the a**e and do something about it for next year?

Lona Tue 24-Jun-14 10:04:16

There are two threads now titled Wimbledon confused

whenim64 Tue 24-Jun-14 10:12:09

Sorry, Lona that's my fault. I looked for a recent Wimbledon thread yesterday, couldn't see it, and started a fresh one. Shall we keep to the other one?

Lona Tue 24-Jun-14 10:37:13

We can but try when grin

ffinnochio Tue 24-Jun-14 16:31:31

Ah - but this Wimbledon! has the exclamation mark! I had just decided that it was this one I would follow - now confused . Just off to check out the other one >>>

joannapiano Tue 24-Jun-14 21:03:35

Have just looked at the order of play for Wednesday on Centre Court and we still won't get to see Andy Murray play. He's on No.1 Court.

whenim64 Tue 24-Jun-14 21:28:31

They usually show No 1 court, too. Also, if you have a red button, you can choose from several matches that are on at the same time. No way would they get away with not showing Andy Murray play! grin

joannapiano Tue 24-Jun-14 21:37:45

if you have a quick look at my previous post on Monday, we have tickets for Centre Court and still won't see Andy. Will see Djokovic play though. We were lucky enough to see his wonderful Final against Nadal.

whenim64 Tue 24-Jun-14 22:35:08

Ah, I see - that's a shame. I hope you gave a great time, though - the atmosphere will be fantastic.