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Tour de France on Monday

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granjura Sat 16-Jul-16 18:19:22

... will go past our house around 3.20 to 3.30 ish

Jane10 Sat 16-Jul-16 18:49:56

Interesting for you. I always think that's proper cycling. That daft boring stuff that Chris Hoy et al go in for -riding round in a circle indoors is pointless.

DaphneBroon Sat 16-Jul-16 20:47:14

I saw it in Tonbridge the time before last that it was in Engand and found it all very exciting! The whole street was en fète, picnic lunches, chilled white wine and Pimms of course with chairs and tables in the front gardens and under the trees which line the road. Lovely atmosphere. Was it last year they were in England again (Yorkshire?) and London? SIL is a keen cyclist and the peloton also passed very close to their house. Hope it stays fine for you, it is horrid when there are accidents on wet roads. 🚴🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻

Badenkate Sat 16-Jul-16 22:20:51

Is that your time or our time Granjura? Let us know and I'll watch for a wave wine

granjura Sun 17-Jul-16 10:15:16

Our time, and we are 1 hour ahead! We have been looking frantically for our English, British, French and Swiss flags - just disappeared! We will be next to the little Church...

Badenkate Sun 17-Jul-16 10:31:31

OK. Wear a red carnation in your buttonhole grin

rosesarered Sun 17-Jul-16 10:34:30

Brits doing really well! Cheer them on Granjura

granjura Sun 17-Jul-16 11:04:14

Well of course, I am British you know ;) and OH even more than me ;) hence looking for those flags- where the Dickens have they gone???

granjura Sun 17-Jul-16 11:06:21

where the heck would I get a red carnation around here?

We had 1000s and 1000s of pink and fuchsia coloured wild ones all over the place for a few weeks. The wild flowers have beem amazing this year.

hildajenniJ Sun 17-Jul-16 16:13:31

I'll look out for you gj, I watch the "Tour" every year, and love it. 🇫🇷

Badenkate Sun 17-Jul-16 16:53:13

I think I saw the church but they did it on an aerial shot. It's lovely round there. We spent a few days in Saint Claude some years ago and had a wonderful time.

granjura Sun 17-Jul-16 20:11:55

It's tomorrow Badenkate - or did they show a preview of the route today?

Badenkate Sun 17-Jul-16 21:03:44

Oh dear, getting too excited blush. They went through a village with a church just at the right time as well! OK, I'll try again tomorrow

granjura Sun 17-Jul-16 21:09:53


à demain

granjura Mon 18-Jul-16 08:16:33

They are going to be hot- strong sunshine and not a puff of wind.

Badenkate Mon 18-Jul-16 12:14:09

Have you found the flags yet?

dustyangel Mon 18-Jul-16 12:53:33

Looking forward to it granjura.

Tegan Mon 18-Jul-16 13:09:30

Is it live on ITV4?

Mamie Mon 18-Jul-16 13:18:07

I'm here! Watching live on France 3; make sure you wave. grin

granjura Mon 18-Jul-16 15:16:25

all over now - back home for some home made elderflower cordial and ice. No idea what the helicopters filmed - did you see our little Church after the Swiss-French border?

They are now down the hill at our local town, Neuchâtel, and the 3 lakes region.

granjura Mon 18-Jul-16 15:16:52

Never found the flag- where could they be???

Mamie Mon 18-Jul-16 15:21:00

Caught a quick glimpse of the roof of the church on French TV before they cut away, ITV3 on UK TV crossed the frontier and then went to an advert break!
So no, not really. grin
All looking very pretty though.

Mamie Mon 18-Jul-16 15:21:32

Sorry ITV4 that is.

Badenkate Mon 18-Jul-16 16:17:49

Watching it on ITV4 as well. Nice to see around Berne again. DH used to buy me a piece of jewellery from a little shop in Berne every Christmas - not expensive I hasten to add. Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich was the place to go for that wink.
Nice to see the Aare again as well. We lived very close to it for 10 years.

granjura Mon 18-Jul-16 17:13:39

Watching the replay of ITV4 - they showed our local French Castle, Château de Joux, and then the Church of our twin French village- and then ... as Mamie says, an advert break... grrrr. The next Church shown was down in the Valley - so yep- they missed us - and me waving and shouting 'go on Christopher'- lol. Should have taped French TV or Swiss TV instead- but you got an idea of the area- and they even just mentionned out Green Fairy, 'absinthe'.