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MawBroon Fri 23-Jun-17 16:56:49

Anybody there this week? I know we have some dedicated racing fans on GN.
I have never been to the Ascot meeting but am not bothered about the fancy hats etc anyway. However I do like to see a beautiful, graceful and powerful horse! If you were there, tell us about it. (If that was you we saw somewhat the worse for wear, my lips are sealed grin )
Burghley Horse Trials is another favourite, the TV simply gives no idea how massive and powerful these horses are. 🐴

Tegan2 Fri 23-Jun-17 18:01:35

Not there and missing most of it as we're on holiday with the family. But did see a retired racehorse yesterday called Wild Cane Ridge who ran in the Scottish National a few years ago; he was at Hay Farm Clydesdale Horse centre. Unfortunately he'd had a bit of a kick in the field, but he'll be OK. They said he has the most wonderful temperament. I'll post a picture of him when I get home. I'm not too bothered about Ascot, but the Derby is on my tick list for next year.

jusnoneed Fri 23-Jun-17 22:36:04

My son is off there tomorrow. His friend has a box booked for the day and two people in original group have had to pull out, so he's going with everything paid for!
We live a couple miles from Tizzards race stables, so he occasionally goes out to watch the horses on the gallops and in the yard (friend is part owner in a horse) and has met Rock on Ruby, Cue Card and Thistlecrack on his visits.