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Kicking a ball

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JackyB Thu 15-Apr-21 11:19:04

We have our DGS (age 6) three days a week as schools are still shut here. We take him through his lessons and have a "playtime" and try to keep to a timetable.

In the break we kick a ball around with him in the garden. I realised I've never done this before, and I quite enjoy it, I think I'm quite good. Well, good at the kicking part. I'm not too agile at the running after the ball at my age!

Why didn't we get to play football at school? We played hockey, rounders, netball, badminton, even a little tennis, but our year didn't get offered football, although the boys were given a go at hockey (that was soon stopped when they got rather overenthusiastic swinging the hockey sticks.)

My sister, two years below me, was offered fencing, trampolining and rugby.

At least we learned these games. German schools don't offer much gym or sports and as a result none of my DS have the faintest idea how football works, nor any team sport. Nor were they ever encouraged in ball control.

All such activities have to be done outside school time and at the parents' expense.

Anyway, my point is, what sports would you have liked to do at school and of the ones you did have, what did you enjoy?

BigBertha1 Thu 15-Apr-21 12:12:25

I played hockey and I loved it and now golf which has grown from my love of hockey. Lots of lady golfers report the same thing.

I also played netball which I also loved and in recent years set up a Walking Netball group which is going strong all with ladies over 60 reliving their netball years.

I wish we had played more tennis at school - only had a few sessions.

Sadly the school let me get away with bunking off swimming lessons.

Calendargirl Thu 15-Apr-21 12:14:46

I enjoyed hockey and swimming at school, not much good at tennis. Netball seemed to be reserved for those no good at hockey.

Never any desire to play football, rugby, cricket.

Peasblossom Thu 15-Apr-21 12:18:44

I hated all sports. Absolutely all of them. Though my school offered a good range. Tennis, hockey, netball, badminton, squash, football.
Swimming was fine till they said, “Let’s have a race.”

Anything competitive was an agony because I was always going to be last or the one that let the side down.

My breakthrough came when a Rambler joined the teaching staff and offered the option of long walks instead of competitive games,
Walking is my life long exercise and enjoyment.

Sarnia Thu 15-Apr-21 12:27:53

Hockey in the winter and swimming in the summer. I loved them and represented my Grammar School houses at both. I disliked tennis and hated netball. Mincing about in a bib wasn't for me. Football has become more open for girls. They can play in a boy's team until 14 now. It has just been raised from 11. After that then it has to be a women's only team. The profile of women's football has improved dramatically over the last few years. I would have liked the chance to play lacrosse.

Chestnut Thu 15-Apr-21 12:29:00

Swimming at primary school.
No swimming at secondary school, just team games, hockey, rounders, tennis and netball. I enjoyed them, but dropped them all when I left school.
Outside school I went horseriding and cycling.

But I think I'd have enjoyed rowing! 🚣‍♀️

Kim19 Thu 15-Apr-21 12:39:01

I did well in team sports. Hopeless at athletics. Sadly, netball finished with primary school but I moved on to hockey and tennis at secondary. Learned badminton, squash and sailing in the services. Fared comparatively well at all of them but, more to the point, thoroughly enjoyed each and every one.

FlexibleFriend Thu 15-Apr-21 12:42:02

I loved all sports and always played footie and cricket with my brothers. I even played in a women's football team in my 20's.

Grandma70s Thu 15-Apr-21 12:58:16

We did lacrosse, netball, tennis and rounders. I totally loathed them all, but rounders was a bit better than the others because I could be backstop and do nothing most of the time. I made daisy chains if nobody stopped me. Lacrosse was the worst, and those big old heavy wooden lacrosse sticks did not make us popular on buses.

At least it was really good training in inventiveness, thinking of convincing excuses to get out of games - though my best friend’s claim that her doctor had said her big toe was too small to support her weight didn’t convince anybody.

Maggiemaybe Thu 15-Apr-21 13:37:28

We did hockey, tennis, netball, gym, swimming and athletics at my grammar school. Cricket was an option, and in the Sixth Form we could drop the lot in favour of golf and/or fencing. I chose fencing and loved it - until then I expended more energy getting out of team games than I ever did playing them, as I hated them so much, so I wouldn’t have appreciated football or rugby. I did discover an unexpected talent for hurdling, but there’s never been much call for me to show that off! The sport I think I would have enjoyed was cross-country. Though I might well be wrong!

annodomini Thu 15-Apr-21 13:39:03

I never had to kick a ball, but was always quite happy to hit them, playing hockey (not too badly), tennis (complete 'rabbit') which I enjoyed, golf, for a short time before my first pregnancy, and squash into my 40s until my elbow gave out. My sister was an excellent hockey player and got her colours for cricket at her school. DS1 plays water polo and has taken up cricket in middle age; DS2 still plays hockey at 48 - his two sons don't share his enthusiasm.

Cressida Sun 13-Jun-21 23:35:34

We did the usual netball, hockey which I hated, tennis I didn't mind but wasn't particularly good. The only sport I really enjoyed was sailing. I grew up in Norwich and we were able to sail on the river or on Filby Broad. The school had it's own Enterprise dinghy which pupils had built and had the use of several Bitterns and Wayfarers as well. 'Games' was a full afternoon once a week. We sailed right through the Autumn term into December. In the new year all the boats had to be sanded and varnished so our games afternoons were spent doing that. Much more enjoyable than throwing or hitting balls.