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Six Nations starts today

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Anniebach Sat 05-Feb-22 11:56:51

First match Wales ??????? v Ireland

Second Scotland v England

Anniebach Sat 12-Feb-22 08:46:21

Wales v Scotland

Anniebach Sat 12-Feb-22 14:47:27

Anyone watching?

fairfraise Sat 12-Feb-22 14:54:25

On and off. Wales have a try. Will they get it over?

fairfraise Sat 12-Feb-22 14:54:41


Kim19 Sat 12-Feb-22 15:12:30

A big yes from me Annie.

Gwyneth Sat 12-Feb-22 15:14:08

Wales playing much better than last week thank goodness. It’s a good game from both sides so far.

Anniebach Sat 12-Feb-22 15:38:41

It is a good game this week

Pantglas2 Sat 12-Feb-22 16:17:44

Well there’s a turn up ....????????

Anniebach Sat 12-Feb-22 16:18:25

Cymru am byth ????????

Jaxjacky Sat 12-Feb-22 16:22:09

Close game that was, well played Wales. Looking forward to the next one in about 25 minutes, time for kettle on.

Gwyneth Sat 12-Feb-22 16:42:28

Huge improvement by Wales this week thank goodness. Exciting game up to the end.

grannyrebel7 Sat 12-Feb-22 16:48:25

Loathe the Six Nations and it's on for seven hours today. Started at 1.15 and is on until 7pm. DH absolutely loves it and he's happy now because Wales won. What I hate the most is the analysis afterwards, so pointless to me. Either one team wins or loses, end of!

LadyGracie Sat 12-Feb-22 16:52:18

Only had it on because my SIL was here, in his red jersey, he'll watch the next game in his green jersey.
He's Irish but has lived here in Wales for many years.

Casdon Sat 12-Feb-22 17:36:02

Well done Wales!

Anniebach Sat 26-Feb-22 09:24:47


Scotland v France


Wales v England - or as the rugby commentators refer to it
‘the old enemies’

Jaxjacky Sat 26-Feb-22 09:52:02

We’ll be watching.

Kim19 Sat 26-Feb-22 09:53:47

Think both games have huge potential for excellence. I'll certainly be watching.

Anniebach Sat 26-Feb-22 15:42:56


Anniebach Sat 26-Feb-22 18:52:51


Casdon Sat 26-Feb-22 19:09:42

The England Wales game was terrible, not just the result. Woeful as my son described it.

Katie59 Sat 26-Feb-22 20:14:38

England did win - just the Welsh fought like tigers in the last 5 mins only to be denied

NotAGran55 Sat 26-Feb-22 21:09:52


fairfraise Fri 11-Mar-22 21:57:06

France on the way to a Grand Slam then.