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Invictus Games

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volver Mon 18-Apr-22 19:37:43

I've just been watching some of the Invictus Games on BBC. I didn't realise before this weekend that the criterion for getting there as a competitor isn't just how good an athlete you are, but what you would gain from being at the games.

There was one lady, an amputee, who was crying because she was so happy that her sons would actually see her run for the first time. She also took part in the shot putt and got a gold. ?

What a wonderful thing.

Hiraeth Mon 18-Apr-22 19:52:47

I’ve just been watching it as well . What fantastic athletes so positive although they have disabilities

Blossoming Mon 18-Apr-22 19:56:31

Yes, it’s a great experience and they all look so happy and proud to be there.