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Epsom Derby

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Fairmaiden Tue 03-May-22 14:35:26

Hello: Thinking to take my family to the Derby on June 4 for DD 20th bday. Has anyone been and can advise first-timings on the tips and tricks, please? Like which stand is best for people to bring in own food yett be close to track/betting facilities and maybe catch a glimpse of the Queen's stand? Also, wondering about the traffic in/out? Many thanks for any advice.

Chardy Tue 03-May-22 14:50:56

I used to live in the area and traffic was a nightmare then. I have vague recollections of people picnicking in the car park (like the rugby internationals). Once you're in, I don't know if you're allowed out? You do not want to be carrying picnic stuff around all day, especially if it's hot.

Fairmaiden Tue 03-May-22 15:30:24

Thank you for the info. I guess I was hoping to enter and picnic, yes. Maybe we eat it right away so we don’t have to carry it, as you say. I guess I don’t know whether paying more for some of the enclosures is worth it or if the family area would give the experience and be more cost effective.