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French Open

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Grandmadinosaur Fri 03-Jun-22 15:48:00

Anyone watching this afternoon? I’m rooting for Rafa hope he wins.

Jaxjacky Fri 03-Jun-22 16:38:57

Flipping between that for me and çricket for MrJ.

TillyTrotter Fri 03-Jun-22 16:50:42

I am watching.
Why is the roof closed? Rafa looks like he might melt !!

Grandmadinosaur Fri 03-Jun-22 19:00:18

Yes I thought that too Tilly shame it ended in the injury for Zverev but glad to see Rafa in the final.

TillyTrotter Fri 03-Jun-22 19:52:58

Yes it is not a satisfactory way to decide a finalist Grandmadinosaur but Zverev getting treatment for his ankle is the important thing.
I am just watching to see who Rafa’s opponent will be out of Cillic and Ruud. Not easy to call it at the moment.

NanKate Fri 03-Jun-22 20:07:46

Thrilled that Rafa is through to the Final, but sad that Sasha Z took such a nasty fall.

I shall be glued on Sunday. Come on Rafa you are such a great sportsman. ?????

TillyTrotter Fri 03-Jun-22 20:09:15

Rafa should be well-rested by then NanKate and the trophy will be within his reach ??

Millie22 Fri 03-Jun-22 21:12:02

There has been some really good matches this year. John McEnroe ruined the quarter final with his non stop talking and obvious bias towards djokovic.

Hope Rafa wins on Sunday.

Grannybags Fri 03-Jun-22 21:15:03

I agree about McEnroe during the quarter finals. We were contemplating turning the sound off!

Come on Rafa! ?

NanKate Fri 03-Jun-22 21:56:38

I hope you are right Tilly. I just hope his dodgy foot doesn’t give him a problem. ????

Shez1955 Fri 03-Jun-22 22:35:09

What about the ladies tomorrow! Like to see Coco win but think it will be Iga.

Ruud is good but think Rafa will win.

dolphindaisy Mon 06-Jun-22 10:23:25

I was very disappointed the final wasn't being shown on free to view TV as I really wanted to watch it. I resorted to taking out a one month subscription to Eurosport, it was worth every penny (and DH can watch Speedway for the rest of the month). In my opinion Raffa is the GOAT and one of the nicest men in sport. I'm sure his record of 14 wins at RG will never be beaten.

TillyTrotter Mon 06-Jun-22 11:37:43

We took out a 1 month subscription too.
Rafa is the King of Clay ?
Wimbledon is doubtful for him owing to his foot problem but we can hope he will be there.
I can’t believe he is 36. His stamina is as if he were still 19.

Babamaman Mon 06-Jun-22 16:08:19

Sadly it wasn’t on terrestrial tv yesterday in the UK - nothing at all which I find appalling! So sad - but glad with the outcome. Can’t wait for Wimbledon - hope the tv coverage will be good

tickingbird Mon 06-Jun-22 16:20:41

Well deserved win and move to two ahead of Djokovic. Rafa is such a great player and wonderful person. I’ll miss him when he retires and I hope he leaves a record that will never be broken as he deserves it,

soop Mon 06-Jun-22 16:59:40

I love Rafa. He's both a gentleman and a marvellous athlete.