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Jaxjacky Sun 12-Jun-22 19:18:24

How disappointing, the male presenters are suited and booted, the women dressed up for a night out. I don’t see the need for the formality of either, such a negative message, in my opinion.

nogin Sun 12-Jun-22 22:38:45

Jaxjacky I made the same comment to my husband earlier. The two very nice female presenters were dressed as though they were going nightclubbing, and the one on the sofa in a purple leather (I think it was leather) jumpsuit looked particularly uncomfortable in her outfit. I do feel more relaxed/casual outfits would have been more suitable for presenting a sporting event, and yes that goes for the men too.

rafichagran Sun 12-Jun-22 22:47:31

I watched it, I cant say it bothered me what they wore. Alot of money was raised tonight for a good cause.