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Jaxjacky Tue 26-Jul-22 22:04:59

Well done the Lionesses, watch and learn Gareth..stunning goals, including a very cheeky one!

Zonne Tue 26-Jul-22 22:08:19

One of the things that I really liked was seeing a team 4-0 up, one minute to go, and still trying for goals, rather than time-wasting.

I know it’s partly because they have the luxury of 5 days between games, but it definitely made for a more engaging match.

lemsip Tue 26-Jul-22 22:31:45

riverwalk started a thread at 9pm titled //anyone watching the lionesses.

brilliant score 4.0

Smileless2012 Tue 26-Jul-22 22:32:33

It's great isn't it.

Hiraeth Sun 31-Jul-22 20:00:28

Brilliant game of womens football .Between two great teams

varian Sun 31-Jul-22 20:03:34

Well done England!

Juicywords Sun 31-Jul-22 20:44:46

Enjoyed the game, actually more than men’s football. Shame the BBC didn’t broadcast in surround sound, like they did for the men’s final last year.

varian Tue 02-Aug-22 19:02:36

Apparently the top professional women footballers earn in a year about the same as the top male players earn in a week.

I wonder how much that will change after this amazing result?

25Avalon Tue 02-Aug-22 22:45:39

Leah Williamson, England’s Captain earns £200,000 a year which isn’t bad considering when the ladies first went professional a few years back it was only about £35,00. A lot of women gave up playing professionally then as they put their careers, such as teaching, first. So things have improved a lot. The very first England players had to pay to play as those who play at a lower level still do or find sponsors. Clubs below WSL regularly have to find at least £10,00 per year for pitches, transport, and referees. That’s before you look at kit.

Women are catching men up but need more supporters. Too many men think women can’t play football. What rot as Sunday night showed. The tickets for Wembley were only £15 which is so cheap compared with the men’s game so it’s difficult to assess just how much support there is to get money into the game.

25Avalon Tue 02-Aug-22 22:46:53

£10,000 per year minimum to run a women’s club below WSL.

Zoejory Tue 02-Aug-22 22:53:56

Highest paid footballer in the world is Kylian Mbappe. A player for a French team. Million pounds a week! Messi gets 960.000 weekly. Saleh, a chap who plays for Liverpool gets 400.000.

I think it might be a while for the women to catch up to these heady heights but at least we've got started now.

BlueBelle Sat 10-Dec-22 20:38:28

No no no. No no

Jaxjacky Sat 10-Dec-22 21:21:27

I’m biased, because I support England, but that ref was pants. Harry Kane will be mortified.