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Adult Gyms, have you ever seen anyone using them?

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M0nica Wed 03-Aug-22 17:46:39

Out walking with a friend yesterday we wandered past three adult gyms, those collections of scaffolding poles/modern art on a rubber mat, you seem to find on every urban, or less urban, green space these days and it occurred to me that over the, may be, ten years, I have been aware of this modern addition to street furniture, I have never ever once seen anyone using one.

One of the things that always puzzles me is the way they are always sited on really prominent sites where you can be seen, and commented upon, from the road, enough to put anyone off. I am not suggesting they should be hidden out of sight, but possibly, a little way from the road side might be helpful.

In our village we have a large triangular green. On two sides are village houses and their access road, one of these sides also has the social club and village hall and a nice green space between them, which would be ideal for such a set of apparatus, not isolated, but not obviously overlooked.

So where is ghe gym? Well the third side of the green is a busy road with a junction where a lot of lorries brake and turn to get access to an industrial estate, and there close to the junction is the adult gym, so that with every deep breath you take, should you use the apparatus, you can breathe traffic emissions deep into your lungs.

But, as I said, I have yet to see anyone using this equipment - anywhere.

fairfraise Wed 03-Aug-22 17:51:38

We have on one the nearest large green space. I occasionally see people on the overhead 'monkey bars' but that's it. I may be there the wrong time of day. Its on the edge of playing fields with a stream on the side.

Chewbacca Wed 03-Aug-22 17:57:22

There's one near us that has all sorts of exercise equipment and some pieces are used more than others from what I've seen. The one that makes you stride and the one thatnyou stand on and swing from side to side whilst dislocating your hip seem to ve the most popular.

Baggytrazzas Wed 03-Aug-22 18:12:41

There is one near us.

It is on the edge of a huge green park- like open space, with most of the equipment located 3 feet from a busy footpath which in turn is right beside one of the busiest roads in the area and in between two sets of traffic lights so there is almost always crawling traffic not only belching fumes but with drivers and passengers including those on nose to tail double decker buses at peak times gawping at anyone brave enough to use the equipment.

Oh yes, and it all faces the road, you can't turn your back on the road whilst using it.

Baggytrazzas Wed 03-Aug-22 18:14:52

ps there is no fence or hedge between the equipment and the path either, one just merges into the other, where the green stops and the black starts, so anyone walking by on the path is so close to the users on the equipment that they can feel their hot breath.

BlueBelle Wed 03-Aug-22 18:28:26

One just being built near me and I m looking forward to having a go

VioletSky Wed 03-Aug-22 18:31:50

They seem quite active early in the morning and later in the evening (I drive past one sometimes)

Parsley3 Wed 03-Aug-22 18:34:17

There is a well used gym in a park near me.

MayBee70 Wed 03-Aug-22 18:42:03

They built one in the next village but I don’t know where it is. I stopped going to the gym because of covid and I really want to use an outside one. There is one at the park next to my gym but I obviously didn’t need to use that one. What I will say, going by my gym and the park next to it is that, if you give people the chance to improve their health they will use it. On the subject of gyms, the thing I miss the most is the sauna and I can’t help but think that a sauna is the worst possible place to go if you’re worried about catching covid. So today it dawned on me that my car was far hotter than the sauna ever was so I went and sat in it for 20 minutes then plunged myself into a cold bath. I felt great. Going to do the same tomorrow!

Nannarose Wed 03-Aug-22 18:45:58

I have never heard them called 'adult gyms' but yes, we have outdoor exercise equipment at several parks near us. They are very popular.

Blossoming Wed 03-Aug-22 18:53:09

I have never seen one.

tanith Wed 03-Aug-22 19:19:32

We have several in local parks they are all well used at all times of the day.

Chocolatelovinggran Wed 03-Aug-22 19:19:52

The one in the park by me is quite popular, especially for folk who enjoy a bit of attention when they exercise ...
DGS (9) decided he'd promote himself to the adult equipment, fell off and broke his arm ..(sigh)

JaneJudge Wed 03-Aug-22 19:32:35

I've seen people using them all the time

Oldnproud Wed 03-Aug-22 19:33:55

A couple of the children's playgrounds near us have a few of these pieces of equipment next to them.
I've had a go on most of them when I've been there with the dgc, as have the dgc's parents.
They are not very good, but provide a short spell of both exercise and entertainment.

Redhead56 Wed 03-Aug-22 20:47:01

We live two minutes across the road from a country park created from an old railway line. It stretches for miles all along the main pathway there is exercise equipment. Some right on the actual pathway some just off it I have to say it is used a lot. There are activities in the woods for cyclists and runners it really is an area appreciated. Which is a good thing because it must have been very costly for the council to set up.

M0nica Wed 03-Aug-22 21:20:26

I find this quite itneresting because I drive past our village equipment at all times of the day and night, but have yet to see it in use. Yesterday I walked past three mid morning, all unused. In the same town i drive past another at all sorts of times and have yet to see it used.

It must be the people of southern Oxfordshire do not like them.

growstuff Wed 03-Aug-22 21:26:09

My partner and I have just been using one. We went for a walk and used the outside adult gym for 20 minutes or so.

lixy Wed 03-Aug-22 21:27:26

Yes, ours are well used.
A couple are sited beside children's play areas so grown-ups can be near to children (6 - 10 year olds) so supervising from a distance while exercising themselves. Seems to work here.