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chatterbox2 Mon 10-Oct-22 17:36:03

What radio stations do you listen to? I was always a Radio 2 devotee but have now discovered Boom Radio and loving all the old 50s and 60s songs that meant so much to me in my youth.

ShazzaKanazza Mon 10-Oct-22 17:58:39

I like Talk Radio the most especially Mike Graham. Occasionally I listen to Smooth Radio or Magic. My DH likes radio 2 and when I’m driving the grandchildren it’s FunKids.

fairfraise Mon 10-Oct-22 18:25:02

We discovered Boom Radio last week when stripping wallpaper, decorating etc. I thought it was great lots of music from my youth. Most of the time I have Radio 3 on but this was cheerful music all the time!

Greyduster Mon 10-Oct-22 18:45:47

I seem to be shackled to Classic FM but I’m getting a bit fed up with hearing the same music day after day. They seem to be stuck in a permanent rut. And why is there this tireless over promotion of Alexander Armstrong’s slot? Other presenters are available!! Time I broke away I think.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 10-Oct-22 18:48:24

I listen mostly to Scala radio after it being recommended on here as an answer to that same annoyance Greyduster

Grandmadinosaur Mon 10-Oct-22 18:49:55

Haven’t heard of Funkids Shazza maybe I should give it a try when we have the little ones ?

Harris27 Mon 10-Oct-22 18:59:49

Smooth radio Johnnie Walker on a Sunday radio two at 3pm use to listen to Paul ogrady on a Sunday after Johnnie but they pulled it. Smooth for me but have listened to boom very ?

LucyLocket55 Mon 10-Oct-22 20:57:53

I’ve discovered Boom radio too and I love it.

Embarrassing when I realise I can sing along with most of the songs though

MawtheMerrier Mon 10-Oct-22 22:43:48


glammanana Tue 11-Oct-22 00:26:15

I have enjoyed Boom since it first started all the old hits bring back memories, I also listen to my local Radio Merseyside early morning enjoying a good phone in for an hour between 9-10am.

LisaAN Tue 11-Oct-22 00:32:17

On the very few occasions that I turn the radio on it’s usually Radio X

Greyduster Tue 11-Oct-22 08:52:30

They are at it with a vengeance this morning! They should call it AlexanderArmstrongFM!!!

chatterbox2 Tue 11-Oct-22 11:55:00

I apologise MawtheMerrier I think my finger slipped there it wasn't meant to come under Sport I will try harder next time.