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rafichagran Thu 29-Dec-22 21:03:31

RIP Pelewho died today, in my opinion, and many others the greatest footballer of all time.

Casdon Thu 29-Dec-22 21:41:40

Legend. RIP Pele.

Shoshana Thu 29-Dec-22 21:54:57

Very sad. Such an incredible footballer.

Anniebach Thu 29-Dec-22 21:56:54

RIP Pele

grannydarkhair Thu 29-Dec-22 22:07:18

I’m not really a football fan but even I have seen countless clips of Pele playing, absolutely beautiful to watch.
RIP Pele.

Harris27 Thu 29-Dec-22 22:11:45

My husband and sons were visibly touched at this news. RIP.

25Avalon Thu 29-Dec-22 22:22:27

It was Pele who described football as “the beautiful game”. What an icon. Enjoy your football in Heaven Pele.

Yammy Thu 29-Dec-22 22:27:43

R.I.P. Pele.An inspiration to all not just footballers.

Kate1949 Thu 29-Dec-22 22:50:48

He was a hero to my football mad brothers when they were young. One of my brothers died at 24. My sister said tonight that he may meet his hero tonight. RIP Pele.