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Equal pay for football teams.

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Mollygo Fri 03-Feb-23 10:27:53

Watching part of Primary Pictures News Resource in assembly, it talked about the Welsh football Association, announcing that national men’s and women’s football teams will now be paid equally. Wales joined a list of other countries, including Australia, USA, Norway and Brazil, who played the men and women football players, the same amount to pay for their country’s national team. In order to reach the deal the Wales men’s senior team agree to a 25% pay cut does enabling a 25% rise for the women’s team. Well done the Welsh and well done the Welsh senior men’s team.

Jaxjacky Fri 03-Feb-23 11:19:42

It’s been like that in England since September 2020 and Ireland 2021.

Mollygo Fri 03-Feb-23 11:46:24


It’s been like that in England since September 2020 and Ireland 2021.

Thanks Jaxjacky
I didn’t know as I’ve never really been that interested in football, but I’ll certainly be querying why they didn’t mention England and Ireland on the Primary Picture News.

Jaxjacky Fri 03-Feb-23 12:21:49

Welcome, football fans here!

25Avalon Fri 03-Feb-23 12:42:14

This is true of The England National teams that the men and women get the same match fees and bonuses.

It is far from true, however, where professional women’s teams pay substantially less then men’s teams, apart from one team, Lewes who claim to pay their women players the same as the men but obviously not as much as bigger more well known clubs pay.

Unless you are part of a professional league women’s teams are not allowed to pay players in England and Wales so Cardiff City Ladies, the top women’s team in Wales, although they play in an English League, The FAWNL, cannot pay their players an annual salary unless they are paid as coaches but not as players.