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How to be a wonderful team player!

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grannydarkhair Sun 25-Jun-23 15:40:29

Undoubtedly the slowest 100m hurdles I’ve ever watched anyone “run” but arguably the best 😁

kittylester Sun 25-Jun-23 15:54:13

Wasn't it fabulous!

GrandmaSeaDragon Sun 25-Jun-23 16:05:13

Good for her, just to win her team points. —Don’t like to say, but that’s how I used to tackle school hurdle jumps!—

Oldbat1 Sun 25-Jun-23 16:47:48

Brilliant to see what having a competitive spirit means. Well done in securing points.

grannydarkhair Sun 25-Jun-23 16:48:04

GSD I only tried to hurdle once, both me and the hurdle went crashing down 😁 I was taller than quite a few of the girls in my year but had wee short legs in comparison to the length of my body (still do). I absolutely refused to ever try again, definitely not my sport!