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Joseann Tue 29-Aug-23 11:53:40

I'm so chuffed. I've just discovered swimming goggles with my own prescription in them. Not expensive either. Wish I'd known sooner, it would have stopped me bumping into people in the water. Clever idea!

Ailsa43 Tue 29-Aug-23 12:26:04

Do you get them from your regular optician ? I could do with those tbh

Salti Tue 29-Aug-23 13:24:05

I know you can get them from opticians. If you like snorkelling you can also get a snorkel mask with an inner pair of glasses that fits inside. My husband had some 30 years ago. I just butchered an old pair of glasses and wedged them inside my snorkel mask. The joy of snorkelling and being able to see everything.🧜‍♀️

M0nica Tue 29-Aug-23 13:34:52

You can get them through an optician and also online. DD used a special online system that plotted and exact model of her face, its lumps and bumps and provided her with goggles, whch, because they were tailored for her specific face, never leak.

Fleur20 Tue 29-Aug-23 14:39:54

Swimming goggles co uk
Different prescriptions each eye..£27 delivered in 4 days

Happytravels Thu 31-Aug-23 11:44:49

Our 6 year old granddaughter wears glasses and uses prescription goggles. Great that she can wear them. On the subject of goggles, I’ve recently discovered goggles with a nose piece in them, it’s been a game changer for me as I had a phobia for swimming underwater. Only problem is, some swimming pools don’t allow them due to health and safety concerns.

yogagran Thu 31-Aug-23 14:13:51

I've worn these for a few years now. I get mine online, although I wear varifocals for my normal specs my goggles are just distance prescription. You just need to upload your prescription and they'll be posted to you, super quickly too

Wheniwasyourage Thu 31-Aug-23 14:33:56

Does anyone have a length counter which does the job? I count while I’m swimming, of course, but if I get distracted I can lose the place. If possible, I would prefer one which is mechanical, so that you just have to click it at the end of each length, but I know most of them have batteries.

Thank you in advance. 🏊‍♂️

Rosiebee Thu 31-Aug-23 15:00:15

My previous fitbit watch counted my lengths but sadly my new one doesn't. I should have checked when I bought it.

NotSpaghetti Thu 31-Aug-23 15:26:23

Where were your daughter's from please M0nica?

NannaFirework Thu 31-Aug-23 17:22:17

Yes - Swim goggles are wonderful- but still trying to find a bone dry hair cap!

Wheniwasyourage Thu 31-Aug-23 17:49:36

Thanks, Rosiebee. I don't really want to get a new Fitbit as I have a Garmin which I use for a step counter and two such things seems excessive! Something very simple, along the lines of a knitting row counter (although that needs two hands, I suppose) would be ideal.

Redrobin51 Thu 31-Aug-23 19:10:18

I noticed there is a swim lap calculator on ebay for about £15 which is worn like a ring and operated with your thumb. Hiw good it is I don't know as I've never tried one.

Wheniwasyourage Fri 01-Sep-23 18:54:25