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QVC - a warning!

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MawBroonsback Sun 16-Jun-19 12:07:34

I hate shops but I love clothes (and shoes and handbags...)
I do a fair bit on the Internet - Joules and Sahara mostly, but also Dune, Woolovers and EAST back in the day.
And ........QVC who I thought were great once I realised they stock better brands and not just cheap multicoloured nylon tent shaped garments.
They also have an unconditional 30 day returns policy - whether worn or in brand new condition with labels .
Or so I thought.
But it seems I have overstepped their limit for returns, largely on account of a few pairs of shoes purchased recently which were advertised as wide fitting (Rieker and Vionic ) but which turned our to be extremely uncomfortable. NB I have only ever returned items in brand new saleable condition, complete with labels and packaging as I am entitled to under Consumer legislation and have never taken advantage of their 30 day business.
In every programme they encourage customers to “give (something) a try, you can always take advantage of the 30 day returns policy”.
Yeah right.
A rather sniffy letter yesterday advised me that if I did not reduce my % returns, they might need to terminate my account.
Simples, I shall reduce the number of returns by not buying anything in future!
Be aware. smile

Francis Mon 24-Jun-19 21:05:04

maw broon I completely feel your frustration. I had a similar experience a few weeks ago with QVC. I will never buy from them again.

Jane43 Fri 21-Jun-19 19:33:00

There is a QVC outlet store near us. Some of the stock is discontinued lines and some is returns. Some of the shoes that have been returned have to be seen to be believed. They look as if they have been worn non-stop for 30 days and a haven for verrucas. People do seem to buy them though because they are a lot cheaper than the recommended price.

GabriellaG54 Mon 17-Jun-19 16:18:46

A lot of QVC stuff from clothes to electricals to hair and make-up...everything across the board, can be sourced more cheaply elsewhere than on QVC and they're exactly the same items.
I bought a £4k ring some years ago and got it valued at 2 different independent jewellers The difference was over £2k less.

Deedaa Mon 17-Jun-19 12:52:41

Even in the 60s when I spent the summer vacation working in Dorothy Perkins we were aware of a number of people who would buy bikinis and swimming costumes and return them two weeks later! You could smell that they had been washed but the policy was to take them back and not lose a customer.

paddyann Mon 17-Jun-19 08:56:36

I've never had a problem with sizing from QVC,theres usually a detailed list of all the sizes online and I just buy the one thats closest to what my own measurements are.That can be an 8 or a 12 depending on the make .I buy a lot from them ,all my skincare,some of my makeup things for my present cupboard and most of my clothes.I really hate shopping in shops .I use the Hermes courier as my local woman is good ,really helpful and she's been my courier for more years than either of us like to admit to.It normally costs around £3.50 to return an item,thats less than it would cost me in time and money to head to Glasgow 20 miles away to return something I didn't like .

annep1 Mon 17-Jun-19 08:51:45

I didn't know that Bluebelle but I've just read this article. Apparently shoppers are being blacklisted and rightly so.

GabriellaG54 Mon 17-Jun-19 07:34:51

On the few occasions when I've returned items to H&M they have been quick to reimburse me as soon as the item is received and send an email entitling me to 20% off my next order with no specific time limit.
I often look in whatever store I plan to buy from to actually see the quality and true colour(s) and try on for the fit. After going home I then order online.
The advantages are that I know exactly what the item looks like (not always evident in photos online) that it fits properly and that I'm never disappointed in the quality, having felt it.
Store items could have been tried on by many but the item finally ordered online, is new. Win/win. smile

kittylester Mon 17-Jun-19 07:08:02

If on line sellers could have consistent sizing this would be much less of a problem..

I'm looking at you, Lands End.

GabriellaG54 Mon 17-Jun-19 06:59:54

I very much doubt that there are smelly changing rooms in any of the usual High Street stores.
I've yet to come across one.
Perhaps it depends on what kind of stores you frequent
Even Primark changing areas are fresh and actually mildly fragrant.

GabriellaG54 Mon 17-Jun-19 06:49:17

If you pay with PayPal then you can claim up to £15 returns shipping costs for up to 12 returns per year worldwide. See pic.

SpringyChicken Sun 16-Jun-19 22:41:06

If you buy something online but return the WHOLE order (not just part), you are entitled by law to a refund on the initial postage you were charged plus the cost of the goods.

leyla Sun 16-Jun-19 21:36:23

Friend had similar problem she thinks because she ordered same dresses but in different sizes with a view to only ever keeping the ones that fitted best (an eminently sensible plan imho). How else are you supposed to get stuff that fits?

MawBroonsback Sun 16-Jun-19 21:22:36

Oh you pay the postage in both directions, so as you say, not as “free” as they make out!

vissos Sun 16-Jun-19 21:20:33

QVC returns are not free, or am I missing a trick? I've just ordered yet another pair of Skechers - returned 3 pairs last year. Cost of returns + original postage is putting me off buying. I wish they'd ban me!
Will be sending some shampoo back later this month - don't like it. Maybe they'll ban me then!

rafichagran Sun 16-Jun-19 17:57:05

Yes I knew about this with QVC. I stumbled on a forum with people complaining about exactly what you have written.

I am waiting for my letter, as I send things back, mainly due to the eratic sizing. Like you I will of bother with it anymore when it happens.
Like OP said, the presenters are always plugging the 30 day money
back guarantee.

Sara65 Sun 16-Jun-19 17:03:01

A woman in the hairdressers was telling me she’d had her account with Next closed for the same reason, I was quite indignant on her behalf, till she said her return rate was 80%!

80%, honestly, I’m not surprised they closed her account!

M0nica Sun 16-Jun-19 16:00:37

We live within the orbit of Bicester village it causes grid lock on local roads for miles on end. You spend hours driving round looking for somewhere to park and when you get there is is overcrowded and loaded to the gunwhales with clothes aimed at the predominant Chinese tourist customer.

Alternatives include McArthur Glen in York, a name forgotten place at Gretna and Clarkes Village in Summerset near Glastonbury.

GillT57 Sun 16-Jun-19 15:04:05

Sadly Maw you may be an innocent victim of other shopper's unscrupulous habits. There are reports of dresses and outfits being returned to online retailers after being worn, sometimes smelling of smoke. Also, if someone orders say 5 dresses to decide which one they prefer, then 20 or so days later they send back the 4 they do not want, that does give the retailer a stock problem. I am not suggesting at all that you have done this, but perhaps they have an algorythm which alerts the system to a certain number of returns? Like you, I do most of my clothes shopping online, I prefer to try on at home rather than a smelly changing room!

cornergran Sun 16-Jun-19 14:55:24

Goodness, maw, it's not happened to me with QVC- yet! Thank you for the warning.

annodomini Sun 16-Jun-19 14:34:21

Hotter are good about returns. I have asked for replacements at least twice and they haven't charged me for delivery second time round. Unlike JD Williams.

BlueBelle Sun 16-Jun-19 13:28:11

annepl but necessary in this day and age of cheating do you realise how many people buy an item for an event then send it back the next day

annep1 Sun 16-Jun-19 12:44:37

What s ridiculous policy - monitoring returns.

MawBroonsback Sun 16-Jun-19 12:32:41

Oh I know about Bicester Village! Sadly their prices (especially designer goods) are often still eye watering. grin

GrannyGravy13 Sun 16-Jun-19 12:30:38

MawBroon if you have a so called "Designer Outlet Village" near you (Bicester near Oxford, Gunwharf Keys in Portsmouth and Ashfod in Kent are the ones I have been to) they are usually good value and I am always pleasantly surprised (Mr.Gravy's wallet not so!!!)

Teacheranne Sun 16-Jun-19 12:24:46

Amazon have this policy as well. It's intended to stop people buying lots of choices, deciding which one they want to keep and returning the others with the free postage.