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Tip the hairdresser? Should I?

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NotTooOld Wed 15-Jan-20 10:30:25

I expect this has been asked before but I have an appointment with a new hairdresser soon and I'm wondering if I should tip? I usually go to the salon in our village and leave a tip of about 10% but I have been dissatisfied with their haircuts recently so have booked myself into a rather more upmarket (and expensive) salon in town. Friends tell me they don't ever tip their hairdresser so rather than get off on the wrong foot at the new salon I thought I'd ask here. Thanks in advance.

Oopsminty Wed 15-Jan-20 10:31:11

I always tip mine.

M0nica Wed 15-Jan-20 10:35:35

The only time I have not tipped a hairdresser was when they marmelised my hair. That was a long time ago.

The smarter the hairdresser, the more likely to expect a tip. I tip roughly 10%

JessK Wed 15-Jan-20 10:37:01

I always tip around 10%.

Greenfinch Wed 15-Jan-20 11:01:34

Ours have tins on the reception desk marked with their names so they obviously hope for something. I also give 10% but as my pensiners' cut costs just over £10 I need to leave just over £1.No great deal!

Teetime Wed 15-Jan-20 11:02:16

I always tip usually about 10%

NotSpaghetti Wed 15-Jan-20 11:03:59

I have tried to tip mine for years. Mostly she refuses. Sometimes I put a tip in an envelope and leave it there.
She is a lovely person and a great hairdresser.

Kittye Wed 15-Jan-20 11:13:19

Depending on what I have done I tip £5 for anything costing up to £50 and £10 up to £100. So if it cost say £30 Id still tip £5 and if it cost £70 I’d tip £10. It feels penny pinching giving coins 😟 Probably just me being weird 🥴

harrigran Wed 15-Jan-20 11:17:28

I always tip my hairdresser, she comes to my home and is not expensive so I tip well over the 10%. Last hairdo before Christmas I always give a tip of £25.

NanaSuzy Wed 15-Jan-20 11:18:18

Quite honestly I have never understood the whole concept of tipping. I worked for 40-odd years, and never received a tip. You don't tip the dentist, the doctor, the bus driver, shop assistant etc etc.

MamaCaz Wed 15-Jan-20 11:25:59

I expect my hairdresser to have her pricing correct, so that she earns enough to live on.

NotTooOld Wed 15-Jan-20 11:26:47

Thanks all. I was hoping you would say 'no' because it seems patronising to tip, or that's how it makes me feel anyway.

Oopsminty Wed 15-Jan-20 11:28:44

It's not remotely patronising to tip your hairdresser

MamaCaz, many of the hairdressers are just paid employees. And often not particularly well paid either

They have no input as to how much is charged

Chestnut Wed 15-Jan-20 11:34:38

I always tip the hairdresser 10% and sometimes at a restaurant but not chains. I don't tip taxi drivers unless they have gone over and above. We used to give the bin men and the milkman a Christmas tip but that seems to have gone, no milkman and never see the bin men.

TrendyNannie6 Wed 15-Jan-20 11:40:11

I’ve always tipped my hairdresser never ever thought of not doing it, it’s just something I do.

Fennel Wed 15-Jan-20 11:50:19

I've always tipped my hairdresser too - various ones over the years.
My current hairdresser charges £27 for a wet cut and blowdry - I give her £30.

Dottydots Wed 15-Jan-20 11:50:19

My six weekly hairdo is around £50 and I tip my hairdresser £3.

sodapop Wed 15-Jan-20 11:59:37


rosenoir Wed 15-Jan-20 12:30:58

No, they are not paid less than minimum wage and I doubt you tip supermarket workers who will be on about the same wage.

It seems to be just the older generation that tip, my daughter and her friends would not think of tipping, they see it as patronising.

Sara65 Wed 15-Jan-20 13:01:36

I always tip my hairdresser, I like her and she does a good job.

ginny Wed 15-Jan-20 13:39:12

No , I don’t tip.

ladymuck Wed 15-Jan-20 13:42:24

My first job was working in a hairdressers. I was just a humble shampoo girl and was poorly paid. If I got no tips, I got no lunch!

H1954 Wed 15-Jan-20 13:46:15

I always tip my hairdresser. She rents a chair at a salon where the owner is most unpleasant and regularly gives her "staff" a hard time. My hairdresser is on the look out for another salon in the locality but until then she's staying where she is. I normally put £2 in her jar and on the counter.

jacq10 Wed 15-Jan-20 13:50:11

My hairdresser "rents a chair" in a quite smart beauty salon so she is self-employed. Rather than leave £2 or so each visit I give her a gift card for Boots at Christmas time which she really appreciates. I have noticed not many leave tips these days.

lavenderzen Wed 15-Jan-20 13:55:40

Yes, I always give 10%.