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Bicycle1 Fri 05-Mar-21 09:09:23

Hello all , where do you lovely ladies buy casual trousers /leggings online to suit age 60 plussmile

BigBertha1 Fri 05-Mar-21 09:48:55

I love my Mint Velvet leggings (£19) not as cheap as some but a good fit, dont go baggy, wash well.

Blossoming Fri 05-Mar-21 10:36:09

Seasalt or Weird Fish,

Shirleyw Sat 06-Mar-21 05:22:02

Sea salt and the white stuff where I buy mine.

Kalu Sat 06-Mar-21 06:27:59

I prefer jeggings and buy mine at M&S. £15 and a great choice of colours.

NotAGran55 Sat 06-Mar-21 07:58:27

I’m a big fan of Love Leggings leggings since lockdown.

Guaranteed to not be see-through , lovely colours , great fit for petite too . Various styles in petite , medium and long length .
Excellent customer service .

M0nica Sat 06-Mar-21 08:23:57

Age doesn't really come in to it with clothes these days. It is shape, size, and your chosen style that matter most - no different from women under 60.

I am long waisted and long legged and Lands End do great drop-waisted trousers that fit me well.

MerylStreep Sat 06-Mar-21 08:33:32

My daughter and granddaughter have leggings and trousers that I’ve given them. There isn’t an age appropriate on the labels.

Marydoll Sat 06-Mar-21 09:26:22

M&S jeggings and Dorothy Perkins petite jeggings and jeans for me. Before lockdown, I bought my jeggings in the M&S outlet, for a fraction of the price. I wear them with tunics or jumper dresses. Smart, but casual.

I had an M&S mustard pair of jeggings, bought for a fiver in the sale, delivered yesterday.
I couldn't get my length, but for £5, I'm happy to alter them.

Berylsgranny Sat 06-Mar-21 09:38:52

I get my leggings/jeggins/jeans all from M & S petite range. They are the only retailer I can find that gives me a decent fit. As to actual trousers I find difficult to buy for as they are all too long, it's a pain and I don't sew hmm

MerylStreep Sat 06-Mar-21 09:45:19

Wonderweb is your friend 😉

muse Sat 06-Mar-21 10:48:12

Opposite to Berylsgranny
I'm tall (more than 5'9") so struggle to get anything long enough that fits well. I have to accept ankle grazers hmm.

Forget about patterns or unusual colours. I'd love a burgundy pair. Just sent for my first pair from Love Leggings as they do high rise tall ones. They'll be a bit short though.

Long size from M&S and Sainsbury's are just about OK but the rise isn't quite long enough again. I wear them for everyday work jobs.

Many highstreet shops do a petite range but it's very very rare to find a tall range in shops. I buy all mine 100% on line. About 50% go back because of the rise.

Live in my Long Tall Sally leggings, jeggings and jeans.

NotTooOld Sat 06-Mar-21 11:37:50

Another fan of MnS jeggings here. They do an excellent colour range at a good price. Regrettably I have had to go up a size this year due to lockdowns.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 06-Mar-21 12:03:01

Like Kalu I've bought jeggings from M&S, they're a reasonable price and come in different lengths.

Bicycle1 Sat 06-Mar-21 16:48:40

Thank you all ladies

Amberone Sat 06-Mar-21 17:19:44

muse I am 5' 9" as well and live in my M&S long high rise jeggings. The thing I've noticed with them is that you have to try them on - some are slightly more elastic, different materials, some are shorter in the leg, some have tighter legs. All size 16 long hmm. I have about 14 pairs in different colours, bought over the last three years.

M0nica Sat 06-Mar-21 17:29:24

I am having a problem currently because the current fashion is for high rise jeggings and trousers. Unfortunately for me, 'high rise' is a comfortable fit under the armpits, and not quite what I am looking for.

rowyn Mon 08-Mar-21 10:56:03

But what about pockets? Am I peculiar in that I really like to have pockets in one of the garments I'm wearing?
I like to have a tissue handy always, and now , if I don't have a pocket for my phone, I'm forever searching for it!

Janeea Mon 08-Mar-21 11:00:38

Next almost always

GagaJo Mon 08-Mar-21 11:03:13

I tend to buy from Next but I might try M&S high rise Amberone. I DO like the security of a waistband that doesn't work its way down! Boy, am I showing my age.

Blossoming Mon 08-Mar-21 11:20:01

High rise is in fashion right now Gagajo. I get all the latest info from my young nieces grin

Aimee1 Mon 08-Mar-21 11:39:01

I always buy mine from George at Asda

OurKid1 Mon 08-Mar-21 12:36:27

Sainsburys Tu Collection - Cheap but reasonably hard wearing and it doesn't count as 'clothes shopping' if it's done with the groceries, does it?

glammanana Mon 08-Mar-21 12:45:39

Always Next jeggings & leggings they fit me perfectly I find it difficult to wear trousers with front fastening zip as I have a scar right down my middle and a zip front irritates my stomach .

4allweknow Mon 08-Mar-21 14:15:34

M& S was my go to for jeggings but their sizes varied so much I looked elsewhere. George at Asda came up with the goods at £12 a pair. Won't go anywhere else now. Wash well, sizing is consistent.