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David Nieper pricey but worth it?

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sandelf Tue 24-May-22 13:51:38

Their catalogue arrives, I read. "How much!?" And don't buy. BUT some of the clothes ARE lovely - Anyone know whether they are so good they really are worth it?

Casdon Tue 24-May-22 13:59:27

They are made in the UK which is a big plus, as not much clothing is these days. That probably explains why you pay more!
They are good quality, I’ve only had T-shirts and shirts from them, but they do last for years.

FannyCornforth Tue 24-May-22 14:00:10

Good question!
I have my eye on a beautiful dress - £135
I’ll see if I can find a pic…

FannyCornforth Tue 24-May-22 14:03:49

It’s this one.
I like the look of the kaftans too.
I love the ‘Princess Margaret in Mustique’ look

FannyCornforth Tue 24-May-22 14:05:41

Made in Derbyshire, I didn’t know that

Witzend Tue 24-May-22 14:06:38

My mother had a lovely summer dressing gown from DN. It lasted for goodness knows how many years and the colours never faded.,

Callistemon21 Tue 24-May-22 14:09:15

Are their clothes ageing?

Asking for a friend

Witzend Tue 24-May-22 14:11:06

I could really fancy the tropical jersey kaftan!

FannyCornforth Tue 24-May-22 14:15:48


Are their clothes ageing?

Asking for a friend

Well, that’s the crucial thing, isn’t itwink

NotSpaghetti Tue 24-May-22 14:21:21

Callistemon and Fanny

MayBee70 Tue 24-May-22 14:28:07


Made in Derbyshire, I didn’t know that

Yes. We went to the shop once but I can’t remember where it was.

MayBee70 Tue 24-May-22 14:29:40

DH says it’s Alfreton. I wanted a dress for a wedding but thought that there might be a chance of someone else of my age wearing the same dress.

buffyfly9 Tue 24-May-22 14:32:00

I think you should treat yourself FC, it is very simple but elegant, I wish I hadn't seen it as I want one !!

Candelle Tue 24-May-22 14:35:07

Lovely dress but not for those 'well endowed' in the frontal area!

sandelf Tue 24-May-22 14:39:10

Apparently the quality is good. I might put a toe in the water then. If you buy something you wear and wear for years then I don't mind a higher price.

BlueBelle Tue 24-May-22 15:18:38

Who wants to wear the same item for years and years though

Urmstongran Tue 24-May-22 15:23:41

I do. By default really!

Visgir1 Tue 24-May-22 15:29:49


Who wants to wear the same item for years and years though

My thoughts too.

Urmstongran Tue 24-May-22 15:33:53

Quality lasts I suppose. Years ago people would choose a Wilton or Axminster carpet and still be walking on it 25 years later (and maybe sick of the colour or pattern!) Or buy cheap and more frequently. The dilemma these days is sustainability. How much do we think is acceptable send to landfill?

SiobhanSharpe Tue 24-May-22 15:47:48

Witzend i have a beautiful David Nieper floral dressing gown which has lasted really well for nearly 30 years now.
I love it, it still looks gorgeous and I reckon it'll see me out!
(It's reminiscent of one Nigella wore on one of her cooking programmes which sold out instantly when people discovered where to buy it. )

BlueBelle Tue 24-May-22 16:35:31

Well walking on a carpets a bit different to wearing it 😂😂 Very little of mine goes in landfill it goes to the charity shop and if it’s not good enough for them to sell then rags for painters/decorators car mechanics factories or for the fibres to be used for whatever they make with the fibres
I think its such a con spending huge amounts of money because a celebrity wears similar Do you know baby Dior clothes retail over £1000 and they may wear them for a month! That’s the crime

Casdon Tue 24-May-22 16:41:31

Buying good quality basic items is a good investment though BlueBelle. I’ve got two jersey shirts from David Nieper that I’ve had for years, and they still look really good. Not in the price league of Baby Dior, but a sensible investment of a bit more money to get something which lasts, surely?

Vito Tue 24-May-22 16:41:58

I have two tops, brilliant quality and fit. I would recommend.

Allsorts Tue 24-May-22 16:45:50

Like the dress Fanny, but I would look huge and pregnant definitely wouldn’t match my face.

Nell8 Tue 24-May-22 16:53:10

I couldn't find a suitable warm plain dressing gown elsewhere so splashed out on one from David Nieper. The quality of fabric and finish is excellent and it washes well. I like to think I'm supporting a team of seamstresses in a British business.