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Facial hair - beginning to look like Rasputin!!

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sadmum7 Tue 09-Aug-22 10:36:41

For years l had the odd one or two hairs , over the last 10 years this has increased to now l have loads on chin, neck . Tried shaving was effective not so much now.

Considering a Braun IPL but not sure if they are any good - does anyone have any experience or suggestion please

Caleo Tue 09-Aug-22 11:19:12

I know tweezing out eyebrow hair is permanent as I did it when I was a young woman . Now my eyebrows are sparse bristles which I cut off with scissors when they grow long so my eyebrow pencilling will not leave gaps.

I use a battery shaver for my nostril hair . I find I have to press down slightly on the business end so I apply Savlon cream afterwards .

GagaJo Tue 09-Aug-22 11:26:54

I pluck as much as possible and then burn off the rest (sounds dramatic). I just swiftly run a lighter over my chin/neck. They do this in middle Eastern countries. It works very well for fine hairs.

I do this because I can't use depilatory cream because it burns me, and waxing my chin and neck leaves raised red splotches that take days to go away. I wax my top lip with no problems.

sandelf Tue 09-Aug-22 11:39:22

Epilator. Takes practice - learn the general thing on legs, and then go steady on the face. Smoother for longer than anything else (I haven't seriously done the Veet type of thing). Couple of minutes in the morning and all is lovely! The skin is less injured than with tweezers and apart from truly wiry ones, they come through softer. At the same time I started using an exfoliating glove, so that may help too.

Blondiescot Tue 09-Aug-22 12:02:45

I get mine threaded or waxed. During lockdown, I had to resort to sitting with a magnifying mirror (oh the horror!) and plucking them out with tweezers. The relief when my local beauty salon reopened was incredible.

Elizabeth27 Tue 09-Aug-22 12:02:49

Laser hair removal, either in a salon or using a home device. The ones on Amazon are about £60 with 3000 5star reviews.

aonk Tue 09-Aug-22 12:33:46

I use a very small gadget made by Braun. It cost about £20 in Boots. Very effective.

LilyoftheValley Tue 09-Aug-22 12:37:38

Thank you for the tips, ladies. Especially the one about nostrils - I wondered if I might be the only one with these particular perishers!!

Ailidh Tue 09-Aug-22 14:01:17

I've tried the little pencil things but they did little, and I used to get threaded or waxed but it grows back so quickly that I gave up and now shave every morning with a good quality, man's razor.

Dotty123 Tue 09-Aug-22 16:07:32

I’ve started shaving too! Nicked my chin the first time so have learned not to press too hard. Must remember my face is softer than my legs🤦‍♀️. Make up goes on so much better without the peach fuzz.

LadyGracie Tue 09-Aug-22 19:18:53

I've got a rechargeble Braun facial epilator, magic and very quick and easy to use. Tashless in no time!

M0nica Tue 09-Aug-22 19:44:47

if it is that bad then electrolysis is the only anwer. Left undealt with I would have a beard to rival my DH's. I tried the creams, eplilators which are fine with those with just a ladylike over growth.

But if it is bad, and mine was, electrolysis is the only answer. I have been having it for 40 years now. weekly to begin with, a couple of times a year now,

dogsmother Wed 10-Aug-22 09:31:11

I had pcos as a younger woman and was alway prone to a hairy chin. I tried every thing going electrolysis was painful and expensive and only works on the dark hair. All things have drawbacks I settled on a razor and although I dislike it, it is the best for me.

Lucca Wed 10-Aug-22 10:30:14

Ive had chemo and had a weird hair loss experience. Almost gone from head, gone from legs, and underarms but still on chin, specially left hand side where I have a downy half beard effectively !!

I usually have lip and chin waxed.

Poppyred Wed 10-Aug-22 11:04:30

I use veet sensitive for nostrils and upper lip area - both very effective. Tweezers for chin hair - but that’s getting too much now, so I’m going for electrolosis. Lazer treatment is not permanent- I’ve been told and does not get rid of white hair.

Cherylrov Wed 10-Aug-22 11:18:49

I am still using tweezers for my chin hair but they grow back so fast I need to check every other day. I wish the hair on m6 head grew so fast I would be like Rapunzel by now. I too am interested if anyone has had IPL removal and if it is any good.

sadmum7 Thu 11-Aug-22 11:12:23

Thanks everyone for comments - it is a minefield looks like IPL / Electrolysis is the way forward .

The hairs are dark and plentiful! On chin(s) and now going into my neck . I have tried creams, waxing, epilators with limited success. Have been shaving for a while but this is now daily and not a “clean” shave . Sounds horrific as l type this 🥲

Loobs Thu 11-Aug-22 11:36:34

I too have had this problem for years - PCOS - and have recently started using a cream called Vaniqa. It doesn't get rid of the hair but it doesn't grow back quite so quickly. Very expensive but I get it on prescription from my GP. If you can't get your GP to agree, I believe it's about £60 to purchase although I can no longer see it for sale on Amazon. However, if you search on Amazon for Vaniqa you will see several hair growth suppressors - don't know if they work though?

cc Thu 11-Aug-22 11:42:10

I understand that lasers don't work on white hair. I use the sensitive creams on my upper lip occasionally but usually just use tweezers. I'm lucky that I don't have too many and they're quite wiry so I can pluck them easily within a couple of days of them first coming through. A few have completely disappeared now, with continuous plucking.
My problem is how to see under my chin!

Alioop Thu 11-Aug-22 11:46:13

I bought a Finishing Touch Flawless in Argos in Monday for all my 'strays' that are poking out from my chin, etc now. It seems very good and had £5 off, so only £15 at the minute. It has a little light on it too, small and handy.

kevincharley Thu 11-Aug-22 12:01:37

It all depends whether the hair is pigmented or whethere they're coming through white.
IPL and laser work on destroying the pigment so the darker the hair the more chance of the treatment working.
I found that IPL didn't work. Ruby laser was the only thing that had an effect but it only lasted about 3 years.
Electrolysis is the other option which destroys the hair root.
I'm not a very good advertisement for this as, like IPL, it didn't work but I know people who have had great results. My hairs just seem to be more stubborn than most.

BarbieB Thu 11-Aug-22 13:08:40

I had chemo 5 years ago and was delighted when the hair on my head grew back, the Consultant told me it would likely be much finer and sparser than before. On one visit she asked me how it was going hair wise and l told her my head hair is coming along fine but l am damn sure l didn’t have a moustache before chemo. She found that most amusing!

Gabrielle56 Thu 11-Aug-22 13:42:32

One of those little rechargeable shavey things from jml usually and combination of tweeze and remover cream depending on where I'm going! Combo works well different snagglers need different extermination methods......

Lucca Thu 11-Aug-22 13:44:05


I had chemo 5 years ago and was delighted when the hair on my head grew back, the Consultant told me it would likely be much finer and sparser than before. On one visit she asked me how it was going hair wise and l told her my head hair is coming along fine but l am damn sure l didn’t have a moustache before chemo. She found that most amusing!

How long did it take ?

Gabrielle56 Thu 11-Aug-22 13:45:12

In my your I used king of shaves stay to suppress my lush legs growth! Now not an issue, it's all migrated to me chine from all the other little places that are now bald as bacon! All that wasted time having a Brazilian........