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Anyone decided to go fully grey from brunette

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HeavenLeigh Thu 08-Dec-22 21:16:57

Never thought I’d say it, but so fed up of dying my hair every 4 weeks, mid sixty’s and just been looking online at the beautiful hairstyles in grey silver and white, and thinking should I just go for it and take the plunge, I have shoulder length Bob, so I’m expecting it to take a good 12 months.

Pittcity Thu 08-Dec-22 21:20:48

Go for it. I stopped the dye and not only save a fortune but my hair is in better condition than ever.

HeavenLeigh Thu 08-Dec-22 21:25:08

Did you just go cold turkey, or have your hair cut in stages as it was coming through! Which colour was the dyed colour pittcity I’m very dark haired so I think it will look a real mess as it comes through 🤣🤣

Coolgran65 Thu 08-Dec-22 21:31:25

Just a thought - Perhaps your hairdresser could start you off with some silvery streaks to break up the darkness.

CanadianGran Thu 08-Dec-22 21:33:17

I went from brunette to grey during covid, but my hair is shorter, which makes it easier. But I did have few friends do the same, and their hair is a bit longer, like yours.

You didn't say if you colour yours at home, or go to a hairdresser. I would suggest going to a hairdresser, let them know your goal. They may suggest to lighten it to an ashy-brown so the transition isn't as obvious, or put in some ashy brown highlights.

I am happy that I did it, and quite like the colour of my hair now.

LadyGracie Thu 08-Dec-22 22:12:10

My DIL has done this, she's 45, long wavy hair, grey suits her much better than brunette.

tanith Thu 08-Dec-22 22:17:17

Both my daughters are transitioning from brunette to grey, they went cold turkey and are just having a trim now and then. They both have long hair and they both agree their hair is thickening up and much healthier than it was. They joined a group online for support and are happy they’ve done it, they wear their hair up sometimes but it’s now into year 2 and still a way to go unless they go for a shorter cut.

HeavenLeigh Thu 08-Dec-22 22:18:23

I dye my hair at home, go to hairdresser every 6 weeks to keep hair in good condition.

HeavenLeigh Thu 08-Dec-22 22:19:51

I should have said I won’t have long grey hair though possibly go for pixie cut, or shaggy Bob both of which I’ve had in the past.

HeavenLeigh Thu 08-Dec-22 22:22:11

Yes I intend to go cold turkey too tanith, I think I will be wearing a few different hats and headbands 🤣

Kate1949 Thu 08-Dec-22 22:23:28

My friend did this. She has fabulous hair. She is 71 and kept it long. Almost to her waist. It's grey, thick, wavy, shiny and beautiful.

VioletSky Thu 08-Dec-22 22:28:55

I had been dying my hair so long I was shocked when it all grew out and my hair was curly not frizzy lol

Embrace the grey!

Luckygirl3 Thu 08-Dec-22 22:33:48

Dark brown long bob just beginning to turn grey underneath. I plan to wait till there is a substantial amount of grey and then dye it pink so it will be sort of stripy!

Kate1949 Thu 08-Dec-22 22:35:47

Embrace the hair full stop. You don't know what you've got til it's gone.

Skydancer Thu 08-Dec-22 22:55:22

You will inevitably look older. How about going grey but have highlights put in.

Saxifrage Thu 08-Dec-22 23:03:29

I got fed up with all the dark brown dye so started experimenting with different colours to lighten it. Started with aubergine but that proved just as hard work so then tried various pink dyes. These were good fun. Some easier and more effective than others but enjoyed experimenting and often got admiring remarks about the results. Then the start of covid. As I wasn't going anywhere stopped bothering and so went completely grey/silver. Pleased with the result and so haven't bothered to start with colours again.

hollysteers Thu 08-Dec-22 23:11:49

If you dye your hair brunette at home, that’s not too much trouble and cheap.
Grey is ageing, my cousin has gone from dark brown to grey and it has put years on her.
Why not try a lighter colour? I’m sticking with a natural brown look and highlights until the very end.

3dognight Fri 09-Dec-22 04:15:07

When my hair dresser said I has 85% grey I decided I would have it cut really short and let the grey come in. It had been dark brown home dyed. It was a shock to see how white it actually was, but it was still dark at my nape and half way up the back of my head, I had no idea!

It’s long now two tone white on top, brown underneath, however I’ve grown to love it. It’s took a few years to get used to it though. I sometimes got the feeling that a few people thought ‘I’d let myself go’, a few struggle to believe I’ve not dyed it this colour.

To be rid of the home colouring every two weeks is bliss, and having my hair healthy is a big bonus.

vegansrock Fri 09-Dec-22 04:59:22

You could have a lighter tint with ash highlights in, then the lighter colour growing through isn’t so obvious. I did this for a while till I just had the highlights with a silver toner, then just stopped having the highlights. I love the colour now, and just sometimes put a wash in wash out silver toner through it to brighten it up.

Mamma66 Fri 09-Dec-22 05:20:10

My hair was very dark brown. I started going white at 26. Dyed it for years. When I got to 50 I got fed up of dyeing it. I had a really good cut and my hairdresser put in mink and silver coloured highlights to blend through. I am currently salt and pepper with total white at the sides. I am planning on having some soft pale damson shades put in, but often get positive comments on the colour now (before it’s even dyed). My hairdresser said that it’s quite usual to go these colours when you have been very dark brown. One thing I would recommend is to use purple shampoo once a fortnight to take any brassiness out of your hair. I am 56 now. My older brother is 60 and completely white which actually looks quite striking, so I expect that I will follow suit.

Pittcity Fri 09-Dec-22 08:10:21

Mine was dark brown and I used mahogany dye. When it started to go grey I had it bleached blonde so that the regrowth was darker. This was fashionable at the time.
I'd agree to getting a hairdresser to lighten or highlight to hide the growth line. I also got a shorter cut which made the process shorter.

Hetty58 Fri 09-Dec-22 08:13:47

HeavenLeigh, I didn't 'decide' - but my hair decided to go silver (mostly) from blonde. I dyed it blonde, then realised that I'd be much better off if I just dyed it silver! The remaining roots don't show as they're similar colours.

You can get dye stripping treatments so maybe don't even have to wait for it to grow out.

Pittcity Fri 09-Dec-22 08:14:14

I am completely natural now. I don't think grey hair is aging. It's the way you have it cut and styled that ages you.

Forsythia Fri 09-Dec-22 08:16:53

I did it six years ago after being fed up with the six weekly top up at the hairdressers. My hair was blonde so the transition was much easier for me. I took the view if I didn’t like it I could start with the dye again. However, my hair is all one colour, a pale silvery blonde grey, it’s in much better condition and I’ve never had so many compliments. I’m lucky in that my hair is thick and I wear it Bob length.

Georgesgran Fri 09-Dec-22 08:20:59

I don’t think grey hair is particularly aging either, especially if it’s well cut/styled.
There are so many varieties of grey - DM was iron grey, but I’m silver. MiL was ‘pepper and salt’ and hated it, but wouldn’t do anything about it.
Yes, embrace the grey!