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Problem posting photos.

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Greatnan Tue 31-Jan-12 15:29:42

I can't get beyond 'Send' - is it my computer? I have been able to post my new snow scenes to Facebook without any trouble.

GadaboutGran Fri 10-Feb-12 17:39:45

At one time I had no problem then systems were somehow 'up-dated' & it didn't work. Then I managed to somehow join Windows Live which means it sometimes works as long as I don't send too many at a time. I've also set my camera so they aren't too high resolution (if that's the right term).
My DIL uses Snapfish but I can't download photos of grandson from that to my computer. I thought I'd solved some of the problem by joining facebook for sharing with family only and managed to upload some photos. First I got complaints from DIL about having a few of my grandson on there and then my uncle told my mother he'd seen a lovely photo of me with her on facebook and she told me off for not getting her permission first (though I think she was more miffed that she her brother knew first!).

So really, I'm as flummoxed as you and would like some help too. All I want is to be able to send and receive photos and to be able to copy them to my files so I can take prints if I want. Surely this is what should be easy on computers!