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Printers -wireless or plug in

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Hattie64 Fri 27-Apr-12 20:06:22

I have a dell printer and their cartridges are very very expensive. Tempted to dump and buy something more economical, if so what are wireless printers like? and can anybody recommend a printer with more economical cartridges.

whenim64 Fri 27-Apr-12 20:36:10

I've got an HP from John Lewis - bought online - it's wi-fi, scans, copies and prints - only cost about £60 last year and works great. Easy to install - comes with a CD.

Ariadne Fri 27-Apr-12 20:39:24

We have a small wireless Epson all purpose printer and the cartridges are available from Amazon (isn't everything?) and are reasonable.

jeni Fri 27-Apr-12 20:45:40

I have finally got computers talking to printers! BIG grin
I have bought a 2nd printer that will talk to my iPad and my original printer talks to my Macpro!
I know I could just have one printer but I prefer it this way!
It's because I'm too lazy to keep swapping from photo paper to plain! smile

shysal Fri 27-Apr-12 20:50:08

I also have an hp all-in-one wireless, which I am very pleased with. The set-up was a bit troublesome, but saw complaints on line, so expect the kinks have been ironed out by now. Unfortunately the ink cartridges are expensive, but the colour one for photo quality is not necessary, the basic colour one gives great results. I usually bulk buy on line, taking advantage of special offers for multi-packs. I do go for the genuine hp ones, have been disappointed with budget alternatives.
I believe Kodak printers have cheaper cartridges, but have no experience of them.

tanith Fri 27-Apr-12 21:16:23

I have a Kodak printer we paid £69 its excellent the cartridges are very cheap I think OH paid £6.99 for the black and £9.99 for the colour bought in Tesco , the printer we got from Comet.. Its very easy to use and the printing is fine but then I'm no expert but it does everything I need. I used to pay £50 for cartridges for my old HP printer which is now sitting in the loft..

tanith Fri 27-Apr-12 21:23:20

Oh and its wireless by the way forgot that bit... and if I can make it work anyone can.. this is the one we have..

tanith Fri 27-Apr-12 21:24:03

Sorry the link doesn't work.. but its the ESP C310

MrsJamJam Sat 28-Apr-12 11:39:14

We have a canon one, bought with advice from DS who works with computers as a network manager. We buy the replacement cartridges through Amazon and get very reasonable prices that way.

I love the wireless printer as I can print from the laptop on the sofa, but am very taken with jeni's idea of having two, one for photo paper and one for plain. It would save lots of trips up to the study!

Hattie64 Sat 28-Apr-12 18:17:55

Thanks for all the info. The cost of two cartridges (colour and b/w) on dell are over £50!!! Actually my daughter has a canon and recommended it, and ;buys her replacements from Amazon or Ebay.

tanith Sat 28-Apr-12 18:46:35

Hattie I noticed Tesco have the Kodak printer on sale this morning also an Epson one.. both around £50ish pounds ..

joswood83 Sat 01-Jan-22 20:23:43

Computers now communicate with printers. I have bought a 2nd printer that will talk to my printer wifi connectivity fix. It is cheaper to have two printers rather than one. The reason is that I am too lazy to keep switching from photo paper to plain paper.

LadyGaGa Sat 01-Jan-22 20:34:15

I have also binned a few printers due to them breaking/expensive ink. I now have an Hp wireless printer, with Hp smart ink. It’s really good. I pay £1.99 a month and the printer knows when I need ink and will send it automatically. I get 50 sheets a month and they roll over if I don’t use them. My step son has a small business so pays about £6. I highly recommend it.

Farmor15 Sat 01-Jan-22 22:19:01

Epson Ecotank printers use refillable ink tanks, not cartridges. I bought mine about 4 years ago and have only refilled black ink once - cost €15. I do a fair bit of printing, including photos but the colour bottles are still half full.

The initial cost of the Ecotank printers is higher, but I think saves money over a few years.

Purpledaffodil Sat 01-Jan-22 23:04:21

I have had the same experience with HP as Lady GaGa. It’s especially good value if you are printing photos as charge is per copy without specifying type. And finished photo is excellent too. And wireless so easy. It means I can print off my phone without moving from the sofa! Very handy if you spot a useful recipe.

muse Sat 01-Jan-22 23:26:39

I can recommend wireless and Epson

We have a wireless Epson Workforce (scan, copy + print) as we need to print A3 occasionally and a quite a lot in colour. It feeds in A4 card/photo paper as well. I can print from either of our computers and my iphone. Got it through Amazon, on offer, 4 years ago and it's never let us down.

I can currently buy compatible cartridges (£16.99 for a set of 4 colours) or £22.99 for the 3 colours and a double size black. The last double black cartridge lasted us 8 months. Cheapest way I've found is a Cartridge Discount online company that offer free postage.

Teacheranne Sun 02-Jan-22 04:43:23

Don’t mention printers! My HP one decided to stop working just before Christmas and I need to sort it out. I’d used it to print something then just a few minutes later needed to use the photocopy option. After I selected it, it had a hissy fit and the little screen ( used to operate the different options) went solid blue and unresponsive. I can’t even switch the damn thing off, I’ve turned the power off several times, reinstalled it on my lap to but nothing changes, as soon as the power is switched on again all I get is the blue screen and on my lap top it says it is off line.

I think I’m just going to buy a new one, it’s over five years old now which is not really old but probably not worth paying for a repair.

In the meantime, I’m still paying for Instant Ink each month so I need to get a move on!

bikergran Sun 02-Jan-22 06:32:30

I'm another one with HP smart printer, pay £1.99 a month for ink. Good value if you do a lot of printing out. Mine is only basic printer scanner.

MiniMoon Sun 02-Jan-22 09:50:15

Do not get a Canon printer! We have one. The app is terrible. I printed a returns label for my son in law, and it took about 20 attempts before it printed the label. Such a waste of ink and paper.

Franbern Tue 04-Jan-22 10:05:57

The HP scheme where you pay just £1.99 per month for printing up to 50 pages is really excellent. They just send the new cartridge when required and also an envelope so that old cartridge can be sent back to them.

£24 per year is about the best printer ink deal there is. One of my daughters' introduced this to me some years back, she used it, Good one for Uni students also. If you need more then it is £3.49 for 100 sheets per month.

Have found the wifi printing is brilliant. So my printer does not need to be in close proximity to my laptop. Printers, as a whole, have a mind of their own. sometimes I press 'Print' and it starts up straight away, other times when I press it, then it seems tog o round the world a couple of times before getting to my printer.

joswood83 Wed 26-Jan-22 07:10:17


Computers now communicate with printers. I have bought a 2nd printer that will talk to my printer wifi connectivity fix. It is cheaper to have two printers rather than one. The reason is that I am too lazy to keep switching from photo paper to plain paper.

Thanks for sharing useful information about

Humbertbear Wed 26-Jan-22 09:00:58

We have an old Epson printer which prints wirelessly from computer, iPad and phone. The thing about printers is they are cheap to buy and the companies make their money by selling you the ink. In lockdown the price of my ink cartridges almost doubled and shops that refill cartridges say they can’t do Epson.

Mattsmum2 Wed 26-Jan-22 09:05:46

Can I ask what sort of things you are printing? My mum nearly 80 prints lots of stuff, that I wouldn’t. Maybe it’s a generational thing. I’m studying and that’s pretty much all I print about 20 pages every other month. Other than that I don’t print anything else? Things are online such as bank and utility statements and stored there too.

25Avalon Wed 26-Jan-22 11:32:13

Canon are very reasonably priced for the printer and cartridges. I have had a wired one for nearly 20 years but this Christmas succumbed to a wireless one so I can use it with my iPad. It’s a photocopier, scanner and printer. As a football Secretary I couldn’t manage without the scanner. I also pass my magazines on so I photocopy any pages I want before doing so especially knitting patterns which I like hard copies of.

Callistemon21 Wed 26-Jan-22 11:47:20

This thread is 10 years old!
Printers should have improved since 2012

However, our fairly new one hasn't, it's an HP and it is a constant source of frustration.